Radiators: How hot is too hot?

We often have that notion that the hotter the engine is, the better its performance will be; that’s why many of us warm-up our engine first before going for the drive. Well, it’s true that for engines to perform at its optimum best, it has to be hot. But there’s also a maximum temperature for that efficiency; anything more than that, heat will start to deteriorate the engine and you’ll end up with an overheated engine.

Can’t take the heat? So can’t your engine. Keep your engine at the right temperature with the help of an Evercool radiator.

How then, will you maintain that ideal engine temperature? You don’t! That’s the job of the radiator. Radiators such as flat fin radiators try to spread as much area as it can to cool as many sections of the engine as possible. Your job is to keep the radiator cool enough for it to control the temperature of the engine. Here are some facts for you to know about engine temperature:

  • The normal temperature of an engine should be around 90 to 105 degree Celsius. With the help of radiators, the engines can go up as high as 135 degree Celsius. The radiators will be there to back up as the cooler all the time. That’s where flat fin radiators become useful as they can cover a lot of area to control the above-average temperature of the engine.
  • Coolants play a big part of how high your engine’s temperature can go without overheating. Pure water is not as effective as those mixed with coolants. Coolants are more expensive than water. A mix between the two would be good to keep cost at a minimum while attaining better cooling efficiency.
  • The primary cause of overheating of radiators is a leaked radiator. The coolant goes out which leaves the radiator nothing to help absorb the heat of the engine.
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