Pros and Cons of Carbon Fiber Decals

We all love our cars, and we will do almost anything to beautify and make them stand out, provided that we have the money to do so. There are countless ways and methods to improve a car’s look. (If you have seen an episode of MTV’s Pimp My Ride, then you should have a good idea of what I am talking about.) Numerous automobile enthusiasts have enhanced the aesthetics of their car by using Carbon Fiber Decals, which are basically stickers that cover the car’s panels.

Carbon Fiber DecalsCarbon fibers, or Graphite fibers, are initially strong, solid and light materials that can be woven into fabrics and stickers. Because they have strong adhesives on one side, they can be applied on almost any smooth surface. What’s awesome is that they don’t just add beauty to cars; they also protect the car’s surface from potential scratches.

Carbon fiber stickers are becoming trend in the automotive world, so let us dig a little deep and explore their pros and cons.

Here are 5 Pros in Putting Carbon Fiber Stickers on your Outside Panels:

1. They improve your car’s look.

Choosing the right carbon fiber sticker design/pattern and placing them on the right panels of your car can instantly give it a nice, sporty look. Carbon fiber stickers can be custom cut to fit specific panels, and their designs are either checkered or plain. Car enthusiasts can play around with the design and location of the stickers according to the their taste and preferences.

2. Provides protection on your car’s paint.

Putting on stickers will of course cover the surface it was placed over. Carbon fiber can instantly provide protection over the paint job of cars. Some factors that damage a car’s paint surface are extreme sunlight, acid rain, scratches from rough and blunt objects, etc. Because carbon fiber stickers are water proof and quite durable, they serve as reliable shield against bad weather.

3. Make a car’s surface easy/cheaper to clean

Usually, one washes a car using several chemicals. Cleaning parts of car’s carbon fiber panels can be easy or may be easier. The surface of carbon fiber decals are usually water and detergent friendly. Once dust or dirt accumulates the surface, simply using a cloth, water, and a simple detergent can instantly clean and restore shine. No need for customized soaps and waxes or other devices to clean and shine the car’s surface. Not to mention it also saves effort!

Here, on the other hand, are 5 Cons in Putting Carbon Fiber Stickers on your Outside Panels:

Carbon Fiber Stickers1. May cause bubbles, which would ruin your car’s look.

This depends on the quality of the sticker and the manner it is applied to the car. Cheap carbon fiber stickers are softer than usual, and they may eventually cause may bubbles after they have been applied. Poor application may also cause the same effect. Bubbles on the panels will surely mess up the look of any car, no matter how “pimped up” it may be.

2. Not that easy to apply

Applying carbon fiber stickers is not that easy, more so if one wishes to apply it on a big surface area. They are especially harder to apply on panels that have curves in the corners. Stickers that are to be placed on curved corners would have to be heated at a specific temperature in order to make them stretchable. Such a process can be quite tricky and difficult for a number of drivers.

3. May not look like the real thing

Not all carbon fiber stickers can resemble the real carbon fiber material. Some sticker, the cheap ones, can look ugly and fake. Such stickers can cause the car to be labeled as a “Try Hard”, which is a title that no driver wants.

Before you consider buying carbon fiber stickers, always remember that there are many factors to consider when applying them. Beautifying a car with these stickers may make or break the looks of the vehicle. Make sure to get stickers that are high in quality and fair in price. Such stickers will surely boost or worsen the reputation of the car, so go over the mentioned items again before making a final decision. Don’t be sticker-happy!

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