Pros and Cons of Car Lowering

Motorists who can afford modifications for their cars tend to get them with the goal of increasing their performance beyond the stock. This includes making the car lighter, adding turbochargers under the hood, firming up the suspension, making the body more aerodynamic, and so on. One trick the some car lovers love to do for better performance is car lowering. Like most modifications, this has a set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.

Lowered Car


The thing about car lowering is that as long as you have access to the services of a body shop that you can trust with mechanics that are more than proficient at their craft, then all you have to do is to shelf out a few hundred bucks and get a better running car as a result. However, there are a few things to consider before you partake in such a procedure for your car.

The truth is that you will experience a better ride when you lower your car considerably. What it does is make the car more aerodynamic by letting it “hug” the road more closely, giving it a bit more downforce and lessening the drag. It also makes the ride firmer as it also lowers the suspension, so this isn’t something you’d want if you have a bad back. But if you’re looking to give your car a sporty feel, then perhaps this is the way to go.


You have to understand that the extent of the improvement of your car’s handling once its lowered depends on a few specific factors. For one thing, it will change the steering and suspension geometry, especially since it will affect how the car reacts to bumps and dips and potholes on the road. Stock suspension won’t be enough when the car is lowered at a certain point, so you may have to change the suspension. If you do so, it’ll change the weight transfer characteristics of the car in acceleration and braking, so you better get suspension that works well in a smaller space.

Essentially, if you don’t change things like the bushings, suspension, struts, and spring rates to deal with the car’s new structure, then you’d basically be turning your car into a sled. Take note that, without the necessary adjustments, it’ll be harder to keep your front bumper from scraping the curb or street when parking or going down a ramp. Also, the vehicle’s entire body will become more susceptible to touching the road while you’re going fast and turning around bends since weight transfer along each of the four wheels would be compromised.

There’s no denying that you need to do a lot of things if you’re planning to have your car lowered. You’d be one lucky driver if you are able to employ the services of a master mechanic who really knows what he’s doing. There’s nothing like a skilled, honest mechanic who can satisfy all your needs for car modification.

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