Why Pedestrian Lanes Must Be Followed

You see them every day. You’ll probably walk across hundreds of them throughout the course of your lifetime. Though there must have been those rare moments where you’ve ignored them, pedestrian lanes are actually an integral part of our road systems. They must be given great attention and value. But what are pedestrian lanes for anyway?

Pedestrian lanes, or pedestrian crossings as they are technically known, are designated areas on the road that assist people in crossing them. These are usually set to limit the places where people can cross in order to avoid chaos on the busy roads. But with the poor implementation of their regulations, is it really still that important to follow pedestrian lanes? Well the answer is: Yes. And here’s why:

The law actually talks about it. Pedestrian Lanes

Well so what if the law talks about it? Well, each law has a specific purpose, and all have corresponding penalties. The law actually being referred to here is Sec. 42(c) of RA 4136 which states that:

(c) The driver of any vehicle upon a highway within a business or residential district shall yield the right of way to a pedestrian crossing such highway within a crosswalk, except at intersections where the movement of traffic is being regulated by a peace officer or by traffic signal. Every pedestrian crossing a highway within a business or residential district, at any point other than a crosswalk shall yield the right of way to vehicles upon the highway.

This law actually states the purpose of a pedestrian lane; they allows a person to cross with priority over vehicles, depending if it is in a crosswalk. Also, the law provides a penalty for violating this. So unless you want a ticket, and the hassle that comes along with it, you better follow the rules associated with pedestrian lanes.

We’re talking about lives here.

When there’s a pedestrian lane, expect a person crossing. That’s the rule. Even if you think the person should yield to you, remember that when you hit that person, you put his or her life in absolute danger. I have personally experienced hitting a person while driving, which doesn’t exactly cause the best of feelings. Throw away your principles and your logic. If you see a person crossing the pedestrian lane, let that person cross. A few seconds of waiting is worth it compared to the trouble an accident will bring you. And remember, if you hit a person crossing on the pedestrian lane, more likely than not, you’re going to lose the legal battle. Be wise. Respect the pedestrian lane.

Those lines are there for a reason, not just to benefit the person crossing but also to organize the road for the driver as well.

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