Know Your Auto Parts: Flat Fin Radiators

When you look at a picture of a flat fin radiator, you might mistake it for the radiator part of a refrigerator. True enough, a flat fin radiator does look like one. And in fact, the flat fan radiator of an automobile serves a similar purpose as  that of a fridge. However, don’t mistake this car part as unnecessary; because once you understand what the flat fin radiator does, you’ll realize how important it can be in ensuring you a smooth ride while prolonging the life span of your engine.

Invest in a good-quality flat fin radiator to ensure efficient engine performance.

The purpose of radiators

Radiators are there to absorb or give off heat depending on the temperature of the engine. It’s important to stabilize heat because over heating could cause major problems with your car. One overlooked importance of radiators is that it provides the ideal environment for the engine so the engine can operate at an optimum efficiency. Considering the size of engines, there are different kinds of radiators that serve different purposes.

What’s the need for a flat fin?

Flat fin radiators are designed to evenly spread the radiator’s effect throughout the radiator area. The more fin count (or number of fins per inch), the more area it covers and the more even the effect will be. The drawback for that one, however, is that as there are more  fins, the longer it takes to travel from point A to point B. Along the way, the cooling effect could have already heated up. In general, the ideal number of fins should be between 12 to 16. Anything more than 16 would mean you’re most likely not getting the best efficiency out of your radiators. One important thing to note is that since this is a radiator, you shouldn’t expect this auto part to last for so long because heat wears car parts out fast. It’s important to find an efficient and high-quality brand so your flat fin radiator will have the optimum effect on your engine.

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