Characteristics of High-Quality Leafsprings

What is shot peening?

Shot peening is the blasting method of cleaning or altering various surfaces. In the case of automotive parts, it is most used in the production of leafsprings. It is basically a process where a small ball called a shot bombards the target surface repeatedly. When a shot is fired it creates a dimple on the surface, but below the surface the material tries to restore its original shape, if you had a go at it for a hundred thousand times, it would create a compressed and highly stressed network.

Nearly all fatigue and stress corrosion failures originate at the surface, but cracks will not start in a compressively stressed zone. Shot peening makes sure that overlapping dimples create a uniform layer of compressive stresses which therefore lengthens the life of that metal.






Shot peened leafsprings

If this method is applied to a part of your vehicle, most especially to the weight-bearing parts, you can be guaranteed that your springs will not break at the slightest pressure. Tiger Leafsprings undergo such a shot peening process and are also subjected to various tests in order to assess the products’ performance. Aside from tests on pressure breaking points, Tiger Leafsprings also go through:

  • Fatigue tests to determine durability, elasticity and fatigue life
  • Hardness tests to ensure that leaves are on the right level of hardness.
  • Load testing to ensure the right posture of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that leafsprings are an important part of your car’s suspension system and present serious safety hazards when broken.  Thus, go for brands that are proven durable and effective when it comes to choosing leafsprings for your vehicle.

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