Why Leafsprings Break and When to Replace Them

Leafsprings are a significant component in a car’s suspension system.  They’re proven durable and effective at carrying a vehicle’s load and ensuring passenger comfort.

They’re under a lot of pressure

However, leafsprings do deteriorate and break – usually as a result of poor quality or wrong usage. Worn and sagging springs, especially when aggravated by heavy load, result in lowered chassis height for a vehicle, putting extra pressure on the tires and making it more difficult to maneuver the car.  This is why quality and usage are important factors to consider in a leafspring’s life expectancy.  Make sure to purchase high-quality leafsprings that are fit for your use in order to maximize them. You would opt to use heavy-duty leafsprings for vehicles carrying heavy load such as family cars, delivery vehicles and the like in order to avoid premature breakage and wearing of leafsprings. The opposite is true for lighter vehicles that don’t need the heavy-duty support.

Know when to say goodbye

Broken leafsprings are serious safety hazards – they may cause vehicle imbalance, may puncture tires, or cause steering instability, among other dangers. They may be small, but leafsprings should certainly not be ignored. Make it a habit to regularly inspect your leafsprings.

A popular method of inspection is to measure the ride height of the vehicle. Leafsprings are responsible for maintaining a vehicle’s ride height, so a lowered or imbalanced ride height is a telltale sign that there’s something wrong with your leafsprings. It’s highly encouraged that you have a trained mechanic inspect your car for this, but if you opt to check it on your own, make sure to determine the ride height using a measuring tape and not just rely on eyesight.

You can also examine the leafsprings for rust, cracks, or missing leaves. Moreover, pay attention to the balance and level of the vehicle while driving. If the front end of the car nose dives when braking or if the vehicle sways during the ride, it may be time to replace your leafsprings.

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