How to Develop a Keener Sense of Direction

Good Sense of DirectionAside from the usual barricade on stick shifts for new drivers, one of the most important things they have to master is the road. The best drivers have the greatest sense of direction. Despite the convenience of GPS and maps, it all boils down to using skills on figuring a way out. I’m sure everyone has had that moment when they were given clear cut directions to a new particular destination but still ended up lost.

No matter how accurate these instructions can be, drivers still have to anticipate the heavy traffic, detours, road works or even alterations. Everyone knows that men have a keener sense of direction than the ladies, so they have given out some tips for all the newbies out there out to conquer the road.

Remember Paired Landmarks

Aside from the usual street names and establishments, which were obviously made to be remembered, it’s best to remember something striking about the route to be embarked. Gas stations and fast food chains are only secondary because you see them every two or three streets away. It’s best if you tag them along a local store. Never tag them along movables like food carts. As much as street names are the best indicators, they still have to be tagged along with something striking. An example could be a particular street that is narrower than the rest. Always pair landmarks for amore secured destination.

Use Parallels

In order to avoid traffic jams, you have to know an alternative route in an instant. Be aware of the parallel streets – the narrow side streets that are usually residential. The next street could provide a longer route, but it will be compensated by a lighter traffic. Just keep yourself posted on the location of the original street so as not to get confused.

Use Common Sense

It applies to everything anyway. You have to be logical. Although driving entails following concrete routes, it gives several alternatives depending on the destination. In every turning adventure, always make sure that your leaning towards your destination and not away from it.


Driving imposes a heavy responsibility on the driver. This is because it is the driver who holds all responsibility of the safety of not only of his own passengers, but of the people on the road as well. No less than full and undivided attention is expected of the captain of the vehicle. (Having a car composed of the right parts will surely help.) Drivers have to anticipate every move. Drivers have to be one step ahead so as to position himself in the proper lane and caution the cars behind him of his turning signals.

Don’t PanicAsking for Directions

It’s perfectly normal to get lost especially in unfamiliar places, so never panic. Always keep in mind, you’re still in the Philippines, it won’t take more than a thousand miles before you realize you’re far beyond imaginable. Just do the previous tips. If you’ve totally broken down, turn on your hazard lights and stop at the nearest gas station or any pit stop there is. Compose yourself, clear your thoughts then assess the situation. Don’t take it as a mistake. Rather, think of it as a spontaneous road trip.

Learn by Asking

So there’s nothing more humbling than admitting you have no idea where you are. Ask the locals – the tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers, vendors, sari-sari stores. Ask directions and learn from it.

The best thing to develop a keener sense of direction is to fully utilize your visual skills. Plot the road map in your head and always be aware of the road. Great drivers are known when they deliver. For the newbies out there, take new experiences as road trips and keep those memories so as to develop that mastery in directions.

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