New Innovations on Technology Upgrades Available for Your Car

Latest GPS TechnologyTired of the common upgrades of HID headlights, mag wheels, or body kits? Want to stand out without riding the bandwagon of those usual customizations? High-tech upgrades can give you practical benefits and, at the same time, turn your ride into a head-turner! In this article, let us take a look at new innovative concepts that can upgrade your car’s technology!


Navigation and Communication Upgrades

An upgrade in navigation is a most useful upgrade as this is of the primary purpose of your vehicle. The popular GPS technology will always be a good thing to have installed in your car’s dashboard. There are lots of models and brands to choose from, so pick the one that has a great user interface that can be easily be installed. Remember to opt for the version with the latest updates.

Some GPS models are so modern that they are equipped with Google interface and several apps. It will not only provide you with maps, but also a variety of communication capabilities.

Proximity or parking sensors will benefit your safety, so acquire them if your budget allows you to. Their presence will alarm you with impending dangers and obstacles. If you are willing to sacrifice a little of the look of your car for safety’s sake, then don’t hesitate in installing these sensors.

Installing Bluetooth receivers will also be helpful in terms of convenience and safety. Imagine connecting and navigating around your gadgets with no wires at all! Music, video and other features are all accessible wirelessly.

Car Entertainment SystemEntertainment Upgrades

If you want to stay entertained as you go along your journeys on the road, those typical AM/FM radio tuners won’t always be enough. For added quality to your radio needs, get the satellite radio receivers for ensuring great signal even if you veer far away from a station’s home base. You may get LCD screens too and install them all over your vehicle; make sure that they are accompanied by the proper so you and your passengers can watch TV on the go. Having DVD and Bluray players can up the ante and give you Hi-Def experience.

Also, don’t forget to consider those high-fidelity sound system upgrades! Your ears will love the high frequency response of branded speakers, especially those with strong wattage speakers and subwoofers for that heart-tromping experience!

Future Technologies

As new as they can be, there are up-and-coming technologies that are in the works to be released for commercial use very soon! Besides the customary sensors, there are collision avoidance systems that warn of any sorts of terrain dangers that lie ahead on the road. Information such as speed and distance can be relayed to the driver; visual representations of impending dangerous curves are also made available.

A hot topic within the automotive industry is the soon-to-be-released Google Autonomous Car! Tests have shown promising results, and it will be just a matter of time until this technology upgrade will also be implemented to commercial vehicles. Just you wait.

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