Potholes and Why You Should Avoid Them

Is the sign “Drive Safely” becoming more of a cliche to you rather than an actual warning? Well, you better think again. While being on the road requires more alertness compared to other day-to-day activities, driving also demands defensive strategies in order to avoid possible damage to you and your car.

Ever tried speeding up through a hole in a highway? It might sound harmless in concept since it would seem like it is just another hump on the road, but don’t you know that one of the most common causes of defects or damages found in vehicles are due to mini road holes or potholes being driven through in almost every street? Driving through holes can affect not just those parts directly exposed to the road (e.g. car tires), but also those parts of your car which are linked to its overall body structure. And sad to say, some accidents do occur because of sudden turns and breaks just to avoid that single pothole.  In other words, your life and not just the whole system of your car is at risk. Here are more practical reasons why you should avoid holes while driving:

Potholes are a source of numerous accidents, so drive carefully to avoid damages to your car - and yourself.

1. You may end up with a flat-tire.

Too late to notice those potholes before driving through a street? You might just get your car an instant flat-tire. FLAT and simple? Nah, FLAT and HASSLE.

2. It might reduce the stability of your car’s suspension system.

Constant bumping into holes could actually ruin the natural alignment of your tires and eventually damage the car suspension system in the long run.

3. Unwanted expenses and trouble.

Precisely, after discovery of such damage/s to your most precious car, you are more than obliged to shell out unnecessary expenses at your personal cost. Most car insurance companies don’t usually pay for incidents mainly caused by negligence.

4. WORST, potholes can cause you road accidents.

This is probably the worst scenario that could happen due to potholes along the road. Abrupt turns and sudden stops could actually make or break your safety along the road and you might even crash into other vehicles just because of that sudden turn on your steering wheel.

Driving becomes much easier the moment you are aware and acquainted with the road you’re travelling. So the next time that you’re gonna hit the road, make sure you slow down carefully and skip that hole!

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