How Car Airbags Keep You Safe

Since the year 1987, white bags designed to be filled with air – aptly named the airbag – have saved over 25,000 lives. That’s a lot of lives, which is why the U.S. government has made it a requirement for airbags to be included in all vehicles. Regular maintenance of your car and its parts such as the radiator, leafsprings and so on certainly contribute  to your safety on the road, but airbag systems provide you protection in case of collisions.  Here is a short video for the sake of show and tell and the awesomeness of stuff in slow motion:

From the video, you may think that the airbag doesn’t seem like much of a safety device. But believe the 25,000 and more people, those things are life-savers. And every driver, no matter how experienced they are, should acknowledge that their car can never be completely safe without an airbag.

An airbag, as good ol’ Wikipedia defines it, “is a vehicle safety device that consists of a flexible envelope designed to inflate rapidly during an automobile collision, to prevent occupants from striking interior objects such as the steering wheel or a window.” Now we could go deeper than that and plunge into the complex science of airbags and car collisions, but in the final analysis, it’s important to know that the combination of a seatbelt and an airbag would largely decrease the chance of an injury during collision. When it comes to your safety, two precautions are definitely better than one.

But of course, I won’t leave you with that. The reason why I didn’t go to the specifics because the video featured below already has. Here are experts who know exactly what they’re doing and talking about when it comes to airbags. And a special shout out of course, to the crash test dummies that are always ready to sacrifice their fake organs for the safety of our real ones. Come on, let us live curious and learn more about airbags together.

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