Do Gas Saver Fluids Really Work?

In the continuing pursuit for ways to save money, many have confidently claimed to possess the best fuel-saving methods and products out there. A few of these trivial methods involve rolling down the windows, keeping the tailgate up or down, turning the air conditioner off, and so on. Several products have also been promoted that purportedly play an active role in saving fuel by manipulating the fuel itself. That’s something that gas saver fluids are marketed to do, and the very purpose of this post is to verify if these products actually work.

Gas saver fluids are additives that supposedly changes the fuel’s properties, making it more efficient in a number of ways. For one, petroleum-based fuels do not combust easily in their full liquid form, although they do if aerosolized. Also, higher octane fuels are more efficient in being converted to the energy that make your car run. The two factors mentioned can, in fact, result to a more efficient fuel. However, there are a few reasons as to why they wouldn’t really work.

Ways to Save Gas

According to the Law of Thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor lost. This means that you can’t just conjure up energy like magic without losing something else as a result. In the case of cars, you can’t move it without either burning fuel or burning calories. Ever since the Renaissance era, historical icons like Leonardo da Vinci had already figured out that perpetual motion machines are basically bunk.

As for the changing the chemical properties of the fuel, you may want to reassess your plans once you’ve considered the fact that such processes may require more air and a lot more room than your entire gas tank. Changing your fuel for the better would require some drastic chemical change, which sounds risky in itself. Considering the fact that whatever’s poured into your gas tank will then be burned in your engine’s cylinders, it may not be a good idea to just add something in your tank that you’re not entirely familiar to.

This principle extends to anything that claims to save fuel while still maintaining your car’s performance. While petroleum is the most widely used fuel source that we use due to its availability and ease of use, it’s also rather inefficient. Perhaps there’s something that can help us utilize more of its potential, but these gas saver fluids are certainly not it. There are 2-liter engines that can churn out over 300 brake horsepower nowadays, but this is a result of superior engineering, and not some magical fluid.

Perhaps the best way to save fuel is sensible driving, which involves the practice of never driving too fast. Also, instead of just using your brakes all the time while on the highway, learn how to cruise properly, preparing for everything that’s coming your way. This method of driving lets you make the most of your fuel by maintaining the momentum from the fuel you just burned.

There are many other ways to save gas, but relying on additives may be dangerous for your car. You’d never know what it can do to your engine and even the fuel itself. The risk is not worth the investment, and being sensible is the dependable way to being an economical driver.

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