Fitting Everyone In: Van or SUV?

So you have a large family that can’t quite fit in that small car of yours, so you then decide that maybe it’s time to get a new vehicle. What you would need is a large one, with the capacity to fit each of your bodies inside when you go out. The question is, what vehicle would you want?

A van is primarily a vehicle used for either transporting people or goods. It has the space that you would need when you have a big family and it can even fit your bags as well. You can use it to transport the kinds of packages that usually demand the assistance of movers. On the other hand, an SUV, or the Sport Utility Vehicle, is basically a light truck. And though it has the capacity to carry a large number of passengers, it cannot rival that of a van.

Now in choosing which of the two would be a better choice, there are some factors you need to look at.

Capacity and Comfort

It is likely that this would be the controlling factor on why you would want to get a large vehicle such as an SUV or a Van. The van can fit more people in but it does not necessarily mean that it would be comfortable. The passenger seats are actually designed to fit more people and, a lot of times, comfort has been compromised. So if what you need is more space because you are large in number, the van might be for you. But if you are looking for space because you guys are larger in height or in weight, the SUV might be a better choice with the larger leg room.


The design of a van would be for the intention of the transport of passengers so all the safety features of cars can also be found there. Being that the target market of most car companies would be families, any vehicle designed to carry them would receive these features first. The SUV however, being a light truck, is not a lock to be designed this manner. An SUV is also more prone to a rollover due to a higher center of gravity, and this has always been an issue. And though it may seem to have a sturdier body, it doesn’t mean that it can provide safety. Of course, the large bumpers do help in keeping the people in the SUV safe.


Yes, the SUV looks cool and it brings the comfort along with it. But at what cost? This is a question that is to be considered literally. It is a sad fact that the SUV eats up too much gas too quickly, causing you to wonder where all your money went. So, to those who are cash-conscious, the van is the preferable vehicle of choice.



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