How to Extend the Life of Your Sedan’s Spring Suspension?

Car Suspension

If you gradually notice any sort of looseness or rattling noises as you drive along, then it’s time to consider the possibility that your suspension has finally started to give up. Taking the car to the service center can be quite a hassle in both time and money, and as you take a first look at the disheartening receipt, you’ll promise yourself that you’ll take better care of your suspension this time around.

The responsibility can be a bit of a chore for sedan owners, but there is nothing here that’s too complicated for your average driver. You too can learn how to extend the life of your sedan’s suspension by following a few simple principles.

First of all, you’re most likely using coil spring suspension, unless you have one of those old ones with leaf springs, which is just an indication that you may have to buy a new car or look for ways to take care of leaf spring suspension. In the case of coil spring suspension, it does enjoy a lot of advantages over leaf springs, including better shock absorption, independent suspension for each wheel, and better performance and durability in adverse conditions and varying temperatures.

Of all the car’s vital parts, the leaf spring is perhaps the part that is most prone to the brutality of thermal expansion, which is brought on by changing temperatures. Just like how you shouldn’t drink anything cold for a while after having sipped some hot soup, the same can be said for your suspension. Make sure that you have the right type of suspension for your car in your particular region.

If you live in a tropical climate, then it shouldn’t be as hard to figure out since it’s only subject to hot or cold conditions. However, in temperate and arctic conditions, you’ll need a suspension that can function properly despite of a consistent icy weather.

The way you drive and your usual destinations can also affect your suspension. Sedans are usually not built for off-roading, so avoid any terrain that may present significant bumps and potholes that challenge your suspension to a death match, since it will most likely not survive long. Also, driving too fast even on the flattest of roads can impose some abuse on the coils, especially since (1) there’s no such thing as a real flat road and (2) speeding over a pothole is not very conducive to suspension care.

Have your suspension checked every once in a while so you can be sure that it isn’t cracked, misaligned, or warped. Any little crack can spread dangerously over time, which can lead to catastrophic incidents on the road. While quality suspension may have massive tolerances and can take a whole lot of abuse, they can only go so far if you drive like a madman every time. Taking care of your leaf spring means being a sensible motorist, which also carries over to other things on and off the road.

These are just a few things that you can do to make sure that your sedan’s spring suspension lasts as long as it ever can. You may find out more in the future, but always remember that sensible driving and regular maintenance checks are the foundation of good suspension care.

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