How to Drift your Car

Drifting is one of those ways in which a race car driver is able to make huge, sharp curves without having to greatly decrease their speed. It is a method that has been utilized in the sport of car racing for years now, but it has recently developed a popularity in the world of street racing through the 2006 movie, “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” Most of those who have seen the movie were surely amazed on the epicness of the stunts. However, I’m sure that there are few people out there have wondered if the drifting done in the movie could be done in real life. Of course some of the more extreme stunts belong to a level of impossibility that can only be done in the movies. The question I ask is a realistic one: How can we do a perfect basic drift in real life?

Drifting CarAt times when you are driving on a straight path with a sharp curve coming ahead, go to a full speed, preferably 4 notches lower than the top speed of your car. Once you are almost at the corner, (if it’s a corner turning to the right), suddenly turn your wheel towards the angle of the curve and shift your gear to a lower level (from 4th to 3rd gear for example). Once the head of the car turns to the direction of the curve, you can switch back to your previous gear. Now pound the gas pedal by flooring it.

To point out the obvious, the particular technique shown above is only applicable with stick shifts. Cars with an automatic transmission would have another way of actually doing a drift. The Drifting Method I just talked about is actually also applied to automatic transmissions, only this time we also involve the function of the Hand Break. If you want to drift your automatic car, you would also have to turn your steering wheel at a full speed to the direction of the curve. Although in this case, while you are turning your car, you should put your hand break to use if you want a smooth and successful drift. Once your car is turned to the direction of the curve, let go of the handbrake to regain the full speed of the car.

Did this article made drifting sound easy to do? Well, truth be told, it can be rather difficult to pull off if. So before you even go to the details of doing complicated drifts, be sure to be able to at least perfect a basic one.

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