Dos and Don’ts in Cleaning a Matte Car

Car paint jobs are commonly done with a glossy finish, so a matte look is such a welcome and refreshing change in a sense that they provide a classy look to cars. Matte gives off a certain vibe that tells people that the driver of the car exudes elegance but does not have to scream it to the whole world. Talk about understated elegance.

Matte CarHowever, matte paint jobs, especially those that involve light colors. are difficult to maintain. Car owners tend to avoid matte paint jobs because they do not want to carry the burden of having it repainted when their precious vehicle gets scratched. A minor scratch or dent is immediately visible and cannot be hidden by wax. This is why the cleaning of a matte car requires more care than your average car wash.

Don’t ever use traditional wax on a matte paint job. If you look at a matte car closely, you will notice that the surface is irregular. The uneven surface (only seen from a microscopic point of view) refracts the light at different angles, which explains the absence of gloss and shine. If you put traditional wax on that kind of surface, it will look blotchy and uneven because the wax will also fill the uneven space. That’s actually doing more harm than good.

Mildly apply soap on the matte surface of the car. Place emphasis on the word “mildly”, for rough scrubbing will peel the matte paint off the car’s surface. Avoid scrubbing the surface and just rinse it with a gentle cleaner. Instead of using a normal towel or scrub, you should use a microfiber towel to protect the surface while sufficiently cleaning it. Find a cleaner with the right pH balance to avoid stripping the car off its matte coating. You want to keep your car clean and neat, not flaky and dull.

Cleaning a Matte CarFor troubleshooting stains, you should still use the microfiber towel and mild cleaner as your initial line of defense. More complicated stains should be treated with detailers that are made for matte-finished cars. There are certain fillers and polishers that bring out the shine in cars. This is something that you wouldn’t want for your matte car, especially the polishers. Matte paint sealants do not have these polishers in their formula.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That should be your motto for your matte-painted car. The problem with most car owners is that they get too obsessive-compulsive with the appearance of their car that they end up cleaning it too often. Since matte cars are vulnerable to abrasives, do not touch it if it doesn’t need cleaning. Preventive measures are always better than any troubleshooting technique. Park your car in safe places where its precious parts would be protected from potential damage. Do not risk parking too closely alongside other cars. Keep your car in the garage whenever you’re home. Since nature-related car stains cannot be avoided, it is best to bring a car cover whenever you drive it around. Cover it while it is parked to protect it from stains.

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