Truth or Myth: The Noisier the Muffler, the Faster the Car

“Vrooom! Vrooom!” – It would be so nice if the muffler of your car sounded like this, right? I bet you would also want your car to be as fast as the car in the video; Well, I do too!  An incredibly fast car, when put into full use, is usually punctuated by a resounding muffler noise. But, have you ever wondered if the loudness of a car’s muffler is related to its speed? Is the speed of a car identified by the noise of its muffler?

Truth or Myth?

It’s a myth! The noise on your muffler could add a couple of horsepower, but it does not ensure a faster speed on your car. Also, cars in general don’t get noisier as they gain speed. It was suggested in findings that when your car reaches its maximum power in top gear, the noise input has also achieves its maximum, even if the car may continue gaining speed. It just seems that most of the good pipes are loud, and that’s because of the added noise, which is due to the less restriction of the exhaust gases. As it was also stated, most of the power-boosting pipes out there are louder than regular pipes. However, it must also be stated that not all loud pipes boost power. Just keep in mind that the faster cars are not always the noisiest.

So what can you do then?

Do you want a faster car? Well, making your muffler noisier is not the solution. There are several ways on how you can increase the speed of your car, and these are the following:

  • Change your mechanical fan to an aftermarket fan to free up some extra horsepower to reach the ground.
  • Change your fuel pump from a mechanical to an electrical one; this should draw extra power from your battery and alternator.
  • Increase the amount of cool dense air in your  car to produce more power.
  • Purchase a pre-programmed chip (or a chip and a programmer) to allow you to modify the performance chips. This alteration will allow your car to achieve better fuel mileage, better towing capabilities, better horsepower, and better speed either off the starting line or in the top end.
  • Purchase a supercharger to add a huge amount of power to your engine.
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