How to Determine Where that Smell Comes From

Riding in a car with bad odor can be increasingly disturbing if you don’t find the time to get rid of the smell. While you can ignore it all you want, you’ll only end up letting that awful stench grow stronger in time. And if you don’t want to risk being made fun of or talked about, you might want to stop giving people a ride for some time. The only way to suppress this smell is to get rid of its source. Here are a few places that might help you find the culprit.

Smelly CarStart with the easy locations by taking a look at the obvious spots. It isn’t uncommon for cars to smell bad. In fact, unless you have it cleaned once a week or so, an unpleasant odor will soon develop within your automobile. Before you go snooping around for unusual sources, use your instinct first by inspecting common areas and work your way from there. If you have kids, then it’s possible that they may have spilled food and drinks inside the car. Check your carpets and upholstery to see of any signs of spilled perishables.

If food and drinks aren’t the source, you might have to do a little more digging. Take a sniff and see if it smells like mildew musk. This smell comes from leaks in your floorboard that could’ve come from rain accidentally getting into the car’s carpet. Check the lower floorboards to see if there are any damp spots. Apply a solution of chlorine bleach and sundry. But before you put the carpets back, check the source of the wet spots. There might be some openings under the car or loose plugs, allowing rain to enter.

Also make sure to check inside the glove compartment, the trunk, under the seats, and even your ash trays. Check back seat fasteners because it may be the right time to change them.

A cabin air filter can also be the cause of an ugly smell. This filter can dampen due to condensation caused by your car’s air conditioner. As a result, the filter becomes moldy and smelly. If you’ll be replacing the filter, make sure to consult a professional to consider all of your options. On the other hand, you can also select the “return air” option to lessen the moisture that enters the system.

It is also important that you check your engine and exhaust system if it emits any bad smells. A leak in your radiator will result in an increasing engine temperature. It will heat up and quit, causing a sickly-sweet smell. Be wary of an engine exhaust leak because the fumes from the engine can build up inside the car, endangering your health.

Make sure to get your car cleaned at least once a month to avoid these kinds of inconvenient odors. Take time to check your tires and spray water on them to get rid of pieces of road kill that you may have run over. Be careful not to get your engine compartment wet. Never ignore any form of foul stench inside your car. Not only will it continue to bug you, but it might be coming from a source that may harm you in the long run.


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