5 Damaging Cleaning Materials that You Shouldn’t Use on Your Car

Cleaning Materials

Sometimes, people think that any random cleaning material can suffice for the overall hygienic requirements of their car. This is just plain wrong. Do you know that a number of cleaning products out there that can actually cause more harm than good to your beloved vehicle? A discomforting fact, but it is what it is. Hopefully, this post will give you peace in its goal to list down five cleaning materials that should never come into contact with your car. Let’s begin.

1) Detergent soaps

A lot of people wrongfully assume that detergent soaps are the same as standard car wash products, which is a gentler kind of soap precisely designed for car cleaning. Detergent soap actually removes the wax properties on the surface of the car’s protective exterior. Due to this, it is not advisable to use detergent soap unless one has plans to have his car waxed after.

2) Products that contain petrochemical and bleach

Petrochemicals and bleach in cleaning materials? Sounds good, right? I mean, these elements seem to promise a high level of cleanliness which we all desire for the cleanliness and maintenance of our car’s tires. However, although these cleaning materials can eliminate all the dirt that engulfs your tires, they can actually make the tires age prematurely as well.

3) Alcohol and ammonia-based materials

While alcohol and ammonia-based cleaning materials are said to be effective in removing dirt, it has been found out that they are too harsh on your vehicle, particularly on your car’s interior. Also, they damage parts that are made of plastic.

4) Acid-based cleaners

Though merciless against dirt, the strength of acid-based cleaners can permanently damage your tires. Unless your tires are chrome, never use such products to clean them.

5) Limonene

A colorless hydrocarbon both found in cleaning materials and cosmetic products, limonene is widely used to remove oil and grease in engines. As we all know, cleaning the engine of the car once a year prevents corrosion. And although limonene doesn’t cause damage to the car itself, its use poses several health risks to people who mishandle them.

You simply cannot just use whatever product you find to clean your car. Always be careful in choosing the exact cleaning materials that will come into contact with your vehicle. Read labels. Research products. Seek advice from friends. Care for your car in every way possible.

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