Cruisin’ with Your New LPG Fuel

LPGEvery morning I cringe whenever I pick up the newspaper, my heart races in anticipation of the dreaded fuel hike. Whatever reason they may give, I know one thing for certain: everything will be more expensive. It is not only my own transportation expenses from home to work or to the mall, but everything else from groceries  to even buying household items made from plastic.

That was until LPG came into the picture and gave me a breath of fresh air. If you are unaware of LPG, or have heard of it but don’t know what it really is, allow me enlighten you.

LPG stands for: Liquefied Petroleum Gas. In essence, it is a by-product of oil extraction and the whole refining process. I won’t go into the specific technicalities. Rather I will explain why it is such a godsend.

The benefits of LPG are numerous to list but all you need to know is that LPG helps in increasing the efficiency of your engine. This is because LPG burns cleaner than gas (or petrol), which results in less carbon deposits in your engine. Less deposits means less abrasion, which means there will be less wear-and-tear. All of this eventually leads to a happy engine and a lighter load on your wallet.

So how does this relate to cost savings? LPG is much cheaper than gas or diesel; the mileage is better as well. LPG at any point in time can be 40-50% cheaper than gas, and even if we consider it to have the same mileage as gas, you are saving on the costs of filling up your tank. Additionally, since LPG makes the engine more efficient, there would be less emissions as well (which is great for mother earth).

LPG Tank

You must be saying: Yes I want that! But, before you step on the gas pedal and
run out looking for the nearest LPG dealer, you should know a few things. The whole conversion works by adding a separate tank in your trunk (be ready to have a smaller trunk space). I know what you gonna ask: What if someone hits me from behind? Will the tank combust? Fortunately, the answer is no. LPG tanks are fairly thick and numerous crash tests ensure that they are very safe.

Now before you can go: Yes! I’m going to get one!, I have to tell you one piece of important information. Installing LPG doesn’t mean that you will forego your regular gas. In fact they work hand in hand. When your LPG is low (and with LPG stations sparsely spaced) you would want to have that backup. A gauge is provided so that you will know what your LPG levels are and switch (manually or automatically) to gas. Remember to get your LPG kit (make sure to consult your dealer on the compatible version for your car) serviced once a year. This is very quick and affordable.

Now, can I finally get one? Because I’ve mentioned all that is to know about LPG fuel, the answer is yes.

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