Cool Gadgets for Traveling

Amazon KindleHave you ever experienced packing for a trip and ending up with too many bulky gadgets? Do you hate those moments where you have to decide what to leave behind, even though all of you’ve packed so far seem equally necessary for your trip? Trust me; we’ve all been there before. That is why we, Automotive Part Suppliers, have cooked up a short list of portable and equally stylish gadgets that’ll prevent you from having to make those annoying decisions.

Amazon Kindle

Anyone can find a companion on a long journey. Some people find it in other people while others find companionship in music and/or books. Observing other travelers from a distance, I’ve seen that most of them lug around bulky novels. Well, if you want to gain more arm muscles, then so be it. Although, I must say that there is a lightweight and price-efficient substitute to those old fashioned novels: the Amazon Kindle. Despite the fact that it can become your own personal portable library (it can carry 1,500 books at the same time), it has also WI-FI compatibility, which makes it a great substitute for both the laptop and the paperback. It’s slim and lightweight, measuring just a third of an inch thick and weighing only 10.2 ounces. Its screen is also perfect for reading anywhere, even under sunlight. You can also download a whole lot of books without having to connect it to a computer, all for free. You save both money and trees using this. This is roughly priced around $189.

TDK EB-300 Earphones

TDK EB-300 Earphones

For the musically-inclined traveler, one has to have the perfect pair of travelling earphones. Being a music junky myself, I’d prefer not bringing my expensive earphones outside (at the risk of breaking them.). As I was browsing the net earlier, I found these perfect earphones for travelling: The TDK EB-300 Earphones! This pair of earphones comes with 3 ear-fitting noise reduction sleeves for the perfect snug fit. Such a device is perfect for airplane travel both for the sake of your ears and your seatmates. Its special features allow you to play music without disturbing your seatmate and it prevents your ears unaffected by the change in pressure inside the plane.

Its plug also has the standard 3.5mm gold plate with a 0.5 meter cord and 1 meter extension cord. Its sound quality is… amazing (which is a testimonial from my friend who has been using these for a long time now). And, to top it all off, it only costs $8!

Super Travel A/C Wall ChargerSuper Travel A/C Wall Charger

Are you familiar with the frustration when you have to travel around with almost a million chargers? I myself get suffocated when I have to bring so much on just a 3 day trip to places far and wide. A few months ago, during one of my internet shopping sprees, I stumbled upon the solution to end the endless forests and bushes of tangled wires. The Super Travel A/C Charger comes with 4 USB ports and 1 USB plug, and it can charge using all of the ports at once. It’s user-friendly, and you won’t have to worry about blowing up your hotel room, because it has a built-in overload, overheat and short circuit protection mechanism. It also automatically adjusts to the suitable voltage of your device. Wire jungle? Worry no more.

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