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Here at Automotive Part Suppliers, we value cars and the drivers that own them. That is why we provide facts, tips, and suggestions for the betterment of your automobile. This involves maintenance and management, cleanliness and durability. But today, will be different. Today we shall take a look at a couple of car myths. Today we shall celebrate myths that will require certain cars to be smashed, distorted, destroyed, and blown into little pieces of steel crumbs.

Drivers, please welcome the Mythbusters, who have professionally conducted these highly-financed and apparently legal experiments. Along with our Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie, are a big rock, two trucks, a rocket, and some very unfortunate cars.

You know we’re in for something cool when the following myth is based from a movie called “Hellboy.” Remember that scene when good ‘ol Hellboy was on the street and was about to get hit by a car? Normal people would run away to avoid an accident, but since Hellboy is a demon-turned-crime-fighter still fresh from the gates of hell, he punches the hood of the car, making the car somersault in the air.

Myth: Can a car really somersault if you apply enough force on its hood?

Test: How do these educated scientists test it? They drop a big rock on the hood. That’s how. Here’s a video.

Result: Busted. No somersault, but that’s not an excuse to not wear your seatbelt.

Our next myth involves a story about an accident where two trucks have a head-on collision at high speed. The crash was said to be so powerful that the two trucks fused together. Crazy enough, but when the trucks were separated, authorities were surprised to discover the remains of a car between the two trucks. Yes.

Myth: Is it possible to make a car “disappear” through such an accident?

Test: Through precision planning, the Mythbusters recreate the incident.


RESULT: The trucks don’t fuse together, and the car is still in sight, which leads us to our final video.

The Mythbusters weren’t entirely satisfied with their experiment and, believe me dear reader, that is a good thing. That damn car has gotta go, and if two trucks can’t do it, a rocket can. This, I shall let you see for yourself. So there you go.

Special thanks to Mythbusters for providing all these great insights and clips, and a big salute to all the brave cars who gave up their wheels, leaf springs, radiators, and their overall functionality for the enactment of these experiments. I love cars. And I love Mythbusters. It’s like Michael Bay… with actual science.

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