Congratulations to the winner of our “Tiger Look” Contest!

Tiger LookWhen we started the Tiger Leafspring “Tiger Look” contest, we were very hopeful that it would be a fun Facebook contest for all contestants.  As it turned out, it was not only fun, it was also very exciting as we watched the contestants demonstrate their creativity and discipline as they try to win the contest by getting the most votes from their peers, friends, relatives and circle of connections.

We are very happy about the contest and are overwhelmed by your warm reception and interest.  Thank you very much for that.  We sincerely appreciate it.

We are also partly saddened by the fact that the contest was plagued with the problem of vote trading.  As you know, there were allegations and counter-allegations of vote trading and of framing.  We have done our best to investigate every entry in our Tiger Leafspring “Tiger Look”  contest.  We found quickly that it was difficult to gather decisive evidence – the kind that will give us moral certainty of guilt.

As the experts we sought advised, Facebook does not offer a complete trail, evidence may be quickly deleted, and many evidence will most likely be inconclusive — which gives way to plausible deniability with alternate explanations.

The entries, for which we have gathered decisive evidences, have been disqualified.  But for those with inconclusive evidences, we have assumed good faith.  We know that some of you will not agree over some of our decisions; but we still hope for your kind understanding that we did agonize over every decision; and that we only have the best intentions in mind.

Again, we would like to express our very sincere thanks for your kindness, warmth and support for our very first Facebook contest.  We are very encouraged to go on and continue to explore this new way of connecting.  We hope and pray that you will continue to support our future contests and activities!

Winner: Nik Jamisola

Nik Jamisola

To the winner: Please email and send your contact details. Celnumber, landline and present address


  1. Woohhoo!! Congrats Nik! 🙂

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