Comprehensive Insurance for Your Car and Mine

Car Fire

Comprehensive car insurance covers fires,…

We all know that you can’t register your car if you don’t have the basic, standard insurance, which is mandatory. When it comes to car insurance, there aren’t many options next to having a decent insurance agreement or just that standard mandatory car insurance.

So what’s comprehensive car insurance? Well, to put it into a nutshell, it’s like the standard insurance, only better. The premium is bigger, but it’s really, very reasonable and you’ll get more than your money’s worth. It covers more scenarios that you might face in the future and compensates you financially more than a standard insurance plan ever will. Also, it keeps you secure so that you don’t have to worry about plenty of financial matters.

Car Theft

…it even covers thefts…

What’s in comprehensive insurance that isn’t in others? Well, aside from the third party liability part (which is also in the standard mandatory insurance), comprehensive insurance covers accidental collisions, fires, self-ignitions and even lightning strikes. It even covers burglaries, thefts, malicious acts of third parties, or damages that happened while in transit like, a ship barge, car lift, or something like that. They compensate you by cash settlement, repair/reinstatement, or replacement. That’s just the beginning, and you can already see that it’s a much better option compared to just having the compulsory or standard mandatory insurance. The great part about this is that there’s even more to it. You know the third party liability thing you got going on, which is what the standard mandatory insurance only covers? Well in comprehensive insurance, there’s what you call: Excess Liability. It provides coverage similar to that of the standard mandatory but in excess of what’s compulsory. It’s like a second layer to the third part liability part, and it covers both bodily injury and property damage.

Car Flood

…and if you want, you can even have it cover “acts of God” such as floods!

That’s not all. For the better, you can extend your insurance plan to cover what they call “Acts of God.” I’ve discussed these factors before in my previous post about car insurance. Factors under the “Acts of God” category include happenings such as:  floods, typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

So that’s comprehensive insurance in a nutshell for you. It’s amazing and it’s worth it. Just like anything in this world, nothing is for sure. However, with comprehensive car or van insurance you can be less ignorant of the future, knowing that you have something waiting for you if ever anything doesn’t go as planned.

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