Cleaning Your Car from the Inside-Out

Car Wash

You wake up in a beautiful Sunday morning, and look at the clock beside you. It is close to 9am. The sun is shining brightly through your curtains, and you think of all of the dirt that must have settled on your car from last night’s storm. You get up and walk straight to the driveway only to realize that your girlfriend has scraped the mud from her shoes inside your car. Your head shakes as you notice the mess that your car is in. It is going to be a long day.

Cleaning your car is not a daunting task. You can either wash it yourself or you can avail the services of a car wash. Either way, there are pointers you need to remember if you want you car cleaned the right way.

  • Prevention is better than cure. This is a statement that you might have heard numerous times from your doctor. However, it does not only apply to your personal health, but to your car as well. Rinsing your car every day is a way to make sure that dirt doesn’t build up. Application of waxes and protection coats furthers this method because it prevents dirt from sticking on your car in the first place.
  • Pre-wash is as step that is just about as important as the act of washing the car itself. Take the time to rinse your car during the actual wash, and wipe down any dirt that have might slipped pass through the protection coats. (If the coat is applied without any pre-wash taking place, dirt might stick to the paint of your car for good.)
  • Avoid using soaps or chemicals with ammonia; both are harmful to the paint of your car. Moreover soaps have a thin film that dulls the sheen of your car.
  • Make sure to use specific chemicals for specific materials. There are cleaning products for metal and paint, rubber, vinyl, cloth, leather, etc. Don’t use an all-in-one solution as it may not entirely clean your car. It may even damage it if used without careful consideration.
  • Wash you car in parts. This technique should prevent any “carwash products” from drying onto the surface of your car, which might actually leave more mess than it cleaned.
  • The next step is your tires. Rinse and wash all of them thoroughly since most dirt from roads accumulate around your mud flaps and on your tires.
  • Don’t neglect the interiors. Windows are best bathed with a glass cleaner. Upholstery should be cleaned by, oh you know, upholstery cleaners. As mentioned earlier, each part should have a specific cleaner.
  • Finishing up your cleaning process, make sure to make use of protections such as armor coatings. This prevents dirt from sticking and makes it easier to wipe residue off in your next cleaning session.

Remember your car is a valuable asset. You spend a lot of time driving your car, and how you maintain it says a lot about your personality. Spending some time on your off day goes a long way in making sure your car is picture perfect.

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