Why You Should Always Check Your Tires before Leaving

I consider some of my precious belongings with great appreciation. I care for them as if they are alive. I give them names, I apologize if I accidentally drop them or scratch them, I talk to them. Insane, I know. But I believe that life is very much easier with those things around. This principle of mine is especially true when it comes to my car.

I have been driving for five years now, but sometimes I still feel that I am a newbie because I simply hop in the car, start the engine and drive off to my destination. Maybe it’s the time constraint, the busy schedule, or my forgetfulness that makes me leave home without even thinking about checking my car first. I resent it sometimes. It’s my fault.

Checking TiresThere have been repeated instances that I am not proud of, like driving off in the morning without checking my tires first. This ignorant and dangerous habit of mine did not go unpunished. One day, I stepped in my car in utmost hurry; I did not even take a glance on the tires. Imagine my shock and misfortune when I backed up the car and immediately felt that there was something wrong. One of my tires was so flat that I couldn’t reverse the car. For the rest of that day, I was doomed. And yet again, it was my fault. Now I always remind myself to check all tires before leaving.

Here are other reasons why car owners MUST check their car tires before getting into the car: (What is less than a minute to check on the four wheels right?)

Save Gas

There is a standard tire pressure for all cars, which would, of course, vary on the size of the tires. According to Toyota Motors, if the tire pressure is 50 kpa (0.5kg/cm2) lower than the standard value, fuel efficiency decreases by 2%. Two percent may seem like a small amount, but hey, a month’s accumulation would be a lot! The more you drive, the more this small number will take its toll on your wallet. I think we all agree that part of our expenses is on gasoline. Who would’ve thought that checking the tire pressure can help us save our money too?

Ensure Safety

What if I was in the middle of a busy highway when my tire became very flat? I could have gone into a horrible accident. When tires are not inflated with the correct pressure, there is a reduced control on your vehicle and may result to poor handling. This could lead to worn tires.

Accidents most likely occur if your tires are worn, so check that as well. Worn tires inhibit the car to brake on wet surfaces, so there is a larger possibility that you can skid on the road. This is mostly advisable to those who frequently engage in long drives.

I could not stress it enough that what I am saying now is not just a “good-to-know” information. This is a responsibility to all motorists. If you cannot care less about your own safety, at least consider your passengers. Before you buckle your belt on, always have a mental note before leaving: Must. Check. Tires. First.

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