Characteristics of a Good Car Alarm System

Car with Keyless EntryGone are the days when you needed someone to watch your car for you. Almost every car sold in the market has a car alarm system attached to it, allowing you to hear its loud, annoying sound, whenever someone accidentally steps into the car’s vicinity. Unfortunately, while it’s a good way to attract attention to a theft-in-process, it may not be enough to prevent it.

However, you can protect your car with more than just the alerting sounds. Various car alarm systems are now available with a wide selection of options and safety features. Here are some characteristics you might want to consider when looking for an alarm system for your car.

Keyless Entry

Without a keyhole to open up your car, devious thieves and potential carjackers won’t be able to break locks anymore. Instead, security systems offer car owners a remote that can be used to open a car or trunk just by clicking on a button. You won’t even have to add another key to your collection. If you add this feature to your car alarm system, this remote will also receive an alert every time your alarm sounds. And if you get just the right kind of alarm system, you can enjoy the benefits of having an LCD screen, which will inform you of whatever may be happening to your car. Other remotes can also be connected to a smartphone so every time your alarm goes off, your phone will receive a message.

Starter Kill

With an ordinary security system for your car, an alarm will go off but after a few seconds, it will also stop automatically. By then, a thief can easily climb into your car, start the engine and dash off into the sunset. With a starter kill feature, your remote will buzz once the alarm sounds and you have the option to kill your engine for the meantime until you can get to the location of your car. Without a running engine, a thief won’t be able to drive it, ruining his chances at a successful escape.

Full-Vehicle SensorsFull-Vehicle Sensors

Ever had your car towed without you knowing? With this full-vehicle sensor, your car security system can detect every movement your car makes. With its comprehensive and accurately-detailed sensors, this feature will also alert you every time a significant change has been made to your car. Shock sensors within this feature will tell you if your car is being towed or if your wheels are currently in the process of being stolen. Every move your car makes without you, you’ll know about it too.

Remote Start

This feature allows you to start the car, even without you inside it. A remote start feature is especially useful during the winter, when your car gets too cold or in summer, when your car is too hot. Before you get inside the car, your air conditioner or heater will have already started running, preparing the car’s temperature for your comfort. But don’t worry, even if someone tries to get into your car and starts the engine without the key, it will turn off instantly. The engine will only keep going when a key has been inserted into the ignition.

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