The groundless minuses of the Electronic Data Rooms

It often happens so that when something is widely spread, people start searching for its weaknesses. The same could be said about the Due Diligence rooms what is a data room . They are well-loved in the entire world today but still, some corporations claim that they offer you more weaknesses than pros. It goes without question that it is not true but not to sound proofless, we would like to analyze all these negative effects and to dismantle them on circumstances that it is not true to life.

Plenty of people do not begin utilizing the Online Storage Areas due to the fact that they are insanely expensive. On the contrary, it should be emphasized that for all intents and purposes, almost all the Due Diligence rooms are not expensive. The most popular data room providers cost about 100$ per 31 days. It is not so valuable. It is a general knowledge that there are data rooms which are crazy expensive but everybody has the right to choose. Furthermore, there are such Electronic Repositories which take money for the users.

Basically, all the undertakings take care of the degree of confidentiality of their files. But some of them are sure that it is not safe to store archives on the Web and it is better to use the land-based repositories. This is not a secret that it is not so by virtue of the fact that the Alternative Data-warehousing Systems use different safety features , like the authorization, VPP, and the remote shredding of documents watermarking. Top it off, the most trustworthy Digital Data Rooms are always certified.

Some corporations believe that there is no point in paying over for the Electronic Repositories taking into consideration the fact that the chargeless databanks have all the same tools. Well, the truth is that the free data vaults and the Virtual Platforms really have a lot in common but the gratis data-warehousing systems will not provide your deeds with the unbeatable degree of confidentiality as the Alternative Data Rooms do. Speaking of the land-based data rooms, they do not offer you any instruments, they can only keep your records.

They say that it is hard to pick the Digital Data Room. In sober fact, it is true inasmuch as there is the range of the Modern Deal Rooms to every pocket. All of them have broad-ranging positive sides and it is really a problem to choose the best one. But you have to pay heed to your needs and to make a search for the virtual services which have the necessary pros inasmuch as there is no point in paying the extra money for the redundant functionalities.

Everybody knows that some companies say that the Virtual Data Rooms are very intricate for using. On the contrary, it is to say they will be complicated for those who do not make use of PCs and cell phones at all. That said, there is a couple of really complicated Electronic Repositories, but not to act amiss, you are free to utilize the chargeless attempts and to see whether the Virtual Repository is for you. Mostly, almost all the Due Diligence rooms are very simple. But even upon condition that you cannot use it, their client service will teach you in what way to make use of it.

Consequently, you have seen it is better to try the Due Diligence rooms than to listen to about all these drawbacks which do not really exist.

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The Most Ridiculous Motorcycle Records Ever Pulled Off

Motorcycle Stunts

1) Longest Time to Keep a Running Motorcycle Stopped Using One’s Teeth

Moms are naturally very dedicated to the task of informing their children every 5 minutes that they have not brushed their teeth and therefore need to do so – even though they actually did so only 5 minutes before. Most of us find this annoying as kids (and as adults too), but this guy took his mother’s warnings about bad teeth a bit too seriously. His name is Montystar Agarawal, and he prides himself with the strongest teeth on Earth!

Using only his teeth, Montystar Agarawal completely stopped a 135-cc Yamaha motorcycle from doing what it does best – getting from point A to point B. Biting a handle of some sort with strings that attached to the bike, this “teeth master” held it in its ground for 21.34 seconds as it tried to run off.

Of course I have to remind every single one of you to not try this at home or anywhere else for as long as you shall live as it is dangerous, especially for those who did not heed their mother’s annoying yet helpful advice.

2) Longest Time to Keep Two Running Motorcycles Stopped with Arms (Female)

If strong teeth can keep a motorcycle from doing its job, then just think of what strong arms could pull off! Juli Moody put UFC heavy weight fighters to shame when, in a show of strength, the lady athlete stopped a pair of 1,500 big bikes using nothing but her arms. She kept the engines at a halt for a whopping 23.53 seconds! How’s that for a ridiculous (in an awesome way) motorcycle record?

For her next stunt, I would love to see Ms. Moody to invade a radiator shop and start juggling radiators… blindfolded… standing on one foot.

3) Most Consecutive Laps Drifting a Motorcycle on an Ice Track without Wearing a Shirt 

What happens when you put a motorcycle on ice and put a crazy fellow behind the wheels? A ridiculous world record – that’s what! Olof Eriksson completed two laps of drifting his motorcycle on a 500 meter ice racing track and catch this – without a shirt on! As sexy as that may sound, it is no easy feat to accomplish.

At temperatures below zero degrees, normal human beings would have their nipples fall off from frostbite before they could even start the engine.

4) Most Church Employees Pulled on Office Chairs by a Motorcycle being Driven by a Pastor Wearing a Cape

You would never guess what church employees and their pastor boss do in their free time – they set the most ridiculously fun world records! Justin Bolis only needed a cape and a motorcycle to give his subordinates the most memorable ride of their lives.

By connecting through a chain several office chairs and a motorcycle, the pastor drove around town pulling church employees along with him to set the record of most church employees pulled on office chairs by a motorcycle being driven by a pastor wearing a cape. The deed was part of a sermon to illustrate the importance of having fun over time at church. I vote for this to be the eleventh commandment!

So there you have it – 4 of the most ridiculous motorcycle records ever pulled off! If you own a bike, a camera, and a set of iron balls, then why not try to set your own record? Make sure to send us a link!

Glow in the Dark Roads: Distraction or Improvement?

Glow in the Dark Roads

A lot of really bad vehicular accidents happen at nighttime, and most of them are caused by low visibility. When drivers can’t see properly, they can veer off the road or collide with incoming traffic. Headlights, sobriety, and alertness are identified as the primary ways to prevent such catastrophes from happening, and there will soon be an additional feature in the form of glow in the dark roads.

Aside from headlights, we have reflectors and street lights to provide better visibility on the roads, but they aren’t always effective in providing good driving conditions when additional factors (e.g. fog) hamper your driving. More options and solutions need to be on the table, and glow in the dark roads are perhaps that next step towards maximizing nighttime driving safety.

There are glow in the dark highways now being implemented in the Netherlands  a country known for its unorthodox approach to governance and regulation in many things that other nations would deem illegal and even taboo. Dutch firms Studio Roosegaarde and Hejmans Infrastructure have come up with the Smart Highway that incorporate various concepts like color-changing road paint, luminescent lane markers, interactive street lights, and so on. These may seem like ridiculous ideas at first, but they are practical solutions on paper because their cost-effectiveness.

In the interest of fairness, there are a few concerns regarding roads that glow in the dark. Some motorists and regulators feel that it may be more of an distraction than an assistance. Furthermore, despite the presence of such illuminating roads, you’d still have to turn on your headlights to be able to see incoming vehicles. However, the advantage in this is that you’ll always have a clear perception on where the road is heading. Cool, right? Right. That these types of roads will remain highly effective in spite of heavy rain and thick fog make it all the more cool.

Here’s to hoping that the implementation of glow in the dark roads can truly improve driving in low light conditions, making ugly, unwanted, and unnecessary accidents a thing of the past.

Drive safely, everyone!

Radiator Types: Copper Vs. Aluminum Radiators

A lot of discussions has been going around on copper and aluminum radiators. Which is the better radiator? Some say stick to copper radiators while the other party argues that aluminum is much better. So which side should you be taking?

Let’s separate it to pros and cons shall we?

Copper radiatorCopper radiator


Copper radiator has the upper hand in Heat conduction compared to Aluminum radiators.

In terms of Durability, copper radiators are more durable and tend to have problems much later than aluminum radiators.

Copper radiators have longer operating lives and are less prone to cracking open when your vehicle overheats.

Easily recyclable. 10% of all recycled coppers come from copper radiators.

Generally easier to repair than aluminum radiators


Copper radiators are generally heavier than its aluminum counterpart

Since copper radiator tubes have smaller, narrower tubes, it tends to clog more than aluminum tubes

Aluminum RadiatorAluminum Radiator:


Aluminum Radiators are by far, more cost-friendly. Meaning they come cheaper than copper radiators.

Shinier and flashier than copper radiators (if ever you plan to use your vehicle for show)

Much lighter in weight. The difference is about 30-40%. So if you’re planning to speed your car up, go with aluminum radiators.

Aluminum Radiators have 1 inch wide tubes compared to copper radiator’s half-inch wide tubes.


Aluminum Radiators are said to let Air flow into the system – causing rust

Easier to break when vehicle overheats

Harder to repair than copper radiators