12 Bizarre Traffic Rules from All Over the World

Driving Rules

Traffic rules are simple, yes? Stop. Yield. Go. Easy to remember and to-the-point. They’re also logical, like stopping before a pedestrian lane. Drivers do that so they give way for pedestrians to walk. Unfortunately, in other countries, some traffic rules are just weird, utterly bizarre, relatively senseless, or just downright dumb. Here are some of the strangest traffic rules found around the world:

12) You can’t wash your cars on a Sunday in Switzerland

Why? Are the lawmakers there Jewish enough that they abide by the Sabbath law (which means no working on a particular day of the week at all)? You just can’t. Not even the muffler? Awww…

11) In the state of Alabama, you can’t drive blindfolded

Wow. Who was the genius that thought this up? Maybe someone with a heightened sense of spatial awareness much like Marvel’s Daredevil. Makes you wonder if other places do allow driving with blindfolds.

10) In California, you can’t shoot game animals from a moving vehicle, except for a whale

Yep. That’s right. Quick, someone call Captain Ahab.

9) Women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia

Maybe because their burkas can double as blindfolds? We’ll never know. But at its core, this is just sexism at play here.

8) You must have windshield wipers installed in your vehicle in Luxembourg…

…but having a windshield is the driver’s choice. Huh? This is just bizarre on so many levels.

7) You must give way when an animal herder crosses your path in South Africa

If you don’t, you’ll be fined $500. Pesky animal herders.

6) In Scandinavia, you must drive with your headlights on…even if it’s sunny outside

Talk about overkill.

5) Drivers must always bring their breathalyzer in France

This kind of makes sense, since wine is the French’s equivalent to water. But why can’t the police bring their own breathalyzers for traffic duties?

4) Traffic fines in Finland are not fixed, but taken out as percentage from your total income

Finally, a good reason to be jobless, or not have a car.

3) You must bring an extra pair of eyeglasses in Spain, even if you already have one on

They must be really concerned about your eyesight over there…

2) In Germany, it is illegal for your car run out of gas in the Autobahn

With no gas stations in the Autobahn, it is imperative that you check your tank before driving the 12,845-kilometer interconnected highway. Although, getting arrested for an empty gas tank sounds hilarious on your driver’s record if you think about it.

And finally:

1) In Nevada, you can’t ride a camel on the road

First of all, who in their right mind rides a camel on the road? And second of all, who in their right mind rides a camel on the road?

Truth or Myth: The Noisier the Muffler, the Faster the Car

“Vrooom! Vrooom!” – It would be so nice if the muffler of your car sounded like this, right? I bet you would also want your car to be as fast as the car in the video; Well, I do too!  An incredibly fast car, when put into full use, is usually punctuated by a resounding muffler noise. But, have you ever wondered if the loudness of a car’s muffler is related to its speed? Is the speed of a car identified by the noise of its muffler?

Truth or Myth?

It’s a myth! The noise on your muffler could add a couple of horsepower, but it does not ensure a faster speed on your car. Also, cars in general don’t get noisier as they gain speed. It was suggested in findings that when your car reaches its maximum power in top gear, the noise input has also achieves its maximum, even if the car may continue gaining speed. It just seems that most of the good pipes are loud, and that’s because of the added noise, which is due to the less restriction of the exhaust gases. As it was also stated, most of the power-boosting pipes out there are louder than regular pipes. However, it must also be stated that not all loud pipes boost power. Just keep in mind that the faster cars are not always the noisiest.

So what can you do then?

Do you want a faster car? Well, making your muffler noisier is not the solution. There are several ways on how you can increase the speed of your car, and these are the following:

  • Change your mechanical fan to an aftermarket fan to free up some extra horsepower to reach the ground.
  • Change your fuel pump from a mechanical to an electrical one; this should draw extra power from your battery and alternator.
  • Increase the amount of cool dense air in your  car to produce more power.
  • Purchase a pre-programmed chip (or a chip and a programmer) to allow you to modify the performance chips. This alteration will allow your car to achieve better fuel mileage, better towing capabilities, better horsepower, and better speed either off the starting line or in the top end.
  • Purchase a supercharger to add a huge amount of power to your engine.

Why You Need High Performance and Affordable Mufflers

Your car is your baby and your darling. She is there for you wherever you go and will always be there through thick and thin. Your car will take care of you, but if you don’t treat her well in return, she may just change her mind. And let me tell you from experience, you do not want that to happen.

…”What in the hell is he talking about?”

Here is a question that might be running through your mind right now, and I don’t really blame you. But let me ask you another question, is safety important for you? If the answer is yes then, read on.

Soundex Muffer

I’m sure by now that you are aware of the benefits of your car’s muffler. It functions basically to expel and keep unwanted fumes and emissions away from your car; this is important because we all know that car emissions are hazardous not only to your health, but also to the rest of your family. This is especially true when you have young children, who have systems that are more prone to its hazards.

While there are various kinds of mufflers out in the market, it’s important that your muffler ensures that all fumes and emissions are directed from the engine and out of your car without much sound or any leaks into the cabin. To have this kind of quality it is important to choose a supplier that undertakes rigorous testing in performance and durability.

By now, I’m pretty sure you want to know where you can get such a high performing muffler, and the answer is from Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation. Roberts AIPMC manufactures mufflers for brands such as Toyota and Hino. In addition to this, they have a set of high performing mufflers called Soundex. Their mufflers go through rigorous testing and their facilities are ISO certified, so you can be sure that your muffler is of the highest quality.

If you’re unsure about your muffler, I suggest checking it with your neighborhood friendly mechanic. And, if he suggests that you need to get it changed, then go for Roberts AIPMC Soundex Mufflers. When it comes to quality, I’m sure you only go for the best and Roberts AIPMC ensures that they only deliver the best.

Roberts AIMPCs Soundflex Mufflers

Replacing car parts is an arduous thing to do. For one, you need to find a skilled mechanic to make sure the job is done well for a high cost. Another, you need to choose meticulously for the right type of parts for your car. It may be in size, color, design, eco-friendliness, special add-ons, etc. And of course, you will have to choose a brand that you know is trusted by original equipment manufacturers. You will not just pick something out from the shelves of ready-to-buy parts without even scrutinizing who made it. Of course you want something long-lasting and, at the same time, cost efficient.

Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts (Roberts AIMPC) is the biggest manufacturer of car parts here in the Philippines. For over forty years in the automotive parts industry, they are being trusted by Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, and many other big shot car makers here and around the globe. This company offers tried and tested products, which possess reliability, top of the class quality made from ultramodern machineries, and has strictly conformed to international touchstones.

One of the best products Roberts AIMPC is known for is the Soundex Mufflers. These are made from internationally acquired heavy duty equipment and raw materials to produce lasting pipes and mufflers. Also known as a silencer, each muffler produced by Roberts AIMPC undergoes careful quality control to assure customers that Soundex Mufflers is a competitive worth for what they’ve paid for.  You don’t want to have a brand new but leaky muffler delivered to your doorstep, do you? Say you’re looking for a classy muffler for your motorcycle. Does Roberts AIMPC have it? Yes, they do! Soundex Blade is a state-of-the-art muffler for your motorcycle. If you want your ride to look sleek, I really suggest you go for the tried and tested. Remember that these mufflers are also environment friendly. That’s one thing to consider when buying car pipes and exhausts.

It doesn’t matter if your car is vintage or modern. What’s important is to be sure that everything about your car is functional and each part can last long and survive challenging circumstances. That way you won’t be wasting time, effort, and money. Change your muffler with style. Make sure to grab and order Soundex Mufflers for your four-wheel drive and Soundex Blade for your motorcycle today. I’m pretty sure that even your vehicle will be thankful.

All You Need to Know about Replacement Car Parts

When replacing car parts, you should know that not all car replacement parts are the same. In fact, there are three types of replacement car parts that you should know. Depending on the situation, the type of replacement part may matter. Let’s go ahead and explain the three different types of replacement car parts.

No car part lasts forever – shop around for replacement car parts that suit your needs and your budget.

New Parts

New parts, as the name implies, are those coming fresh from the manufacturers. You’ll go for new parts when you’re sure you’re going to use that car part for a very long time. These are the preferred type if you want to invest in those parts. Car parts such as leafsprings, mufflers, brake pads and wheel cylinders should be bought new since these parts affect the safety of your car. Safety should never be compromised when driving. Moreover, it is worth investing on parts such as the radiator because frequent repairs for parts  such as these are expensive, and not to mention a big hassle.

Rebuilt Parts

In the case of the computer, you can replace the parts of the CPU and still keep the CPU case to save money. Same goes for some car parts that can be rebuilt. There are some car parts when some of its components would wear out but the casing could still be recycled. An example would be starters, carburetors, and alternators. Some of the parts would wear out but manufacturers can still use the casing. And just like the computer example mentioned earlier, it would be cheaper if you buy these parts and just recycle the casing.

Used Parts

And then there are used car parts. You can usually find these parts in junk shops or in salvage yards. These parts probably came from someone who just sold his car to salvage any monetary value left from the old car. These parts are probably the cheapest among the three types but also the most dangerous as there is no guarantee that they are in good working condition. If you have a car that’s about to be thrown away in about a year, buying these parts may suit you well.

Always consider the part that you need and don’t rush in buying these parts. Shop around for high-quality parts made only by trusted automotive parts suppliers.

The Best Automotive Parts Supplier for Your Car

When you need to leave our valuables behind, you ask our friends to watch over them and not a stranger. When you get sick, you go to your family doctor and not just any other doctor. Why? Because you trust them to care of your valuable possessions and of your health. The same goes for your car – you won’t entrust your automobile to just any auto parts supplier.

When you need someone to fix or enhance the performance of your car, you want a supplier that would best provide your needs and even your wants. So, what do you usually look for in an automotive parts supplier?

  • Quality products and services,
  • Best rates,
  • Perks, like discounts and special deliveries, and
  • Safety for your car

Almost any supplier out there would advertise themselves as having these characteristics. But you don’t have to go through all of them just to find the one that truly offers what you’re looking for. Here at Automotive Parts Suppliers, we understand that you want your car to receive world-class automotive parts, and at the same time, be safe from having its parts stolen and damaged.

Roberts AIPMC offers high-quality products and services that’s truly the best for your car.

This is why it would be better to look for a well-known and trusted automotive parts supplier to ensure the safety and efficiency of your car. Just like with other products, you should opt for the branded ones because the quality of their products and services are ensured through legitimate licenses, rigorous quality tests, and numerous customer testimonials. Bring out the best in your car – go for mufflers, radiators, leafsprings, and metal stamping products and services at Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation.

3 Easy Steps to Know When to Replace Your Muffler

We’ve already given you a full article on the 3 signs of a faulty muffler, but to stress its importance on your car and not to mention your safety, we’re giving you 3 easy steps to know when to replace your muffler. Your muffler is an integral part of your car’s exhaust system, and a faulty muffler can turn service engine lights on modern cars on. This special light is the computer’s way of telling you that something isn’t working properly and you need to get it checked soon.

There can be a myriad of reason as to why this little light is up, including excessive emissions, fouled spark plugs, bad or watery gas and more. You can go to any automotive part suppliers and have them check it out for you, sometimes for a small fee and sometimes for no fee at all. But you don’t need to have a special little light tell you what’s up, you can find out for yourself by listening closely to what your car is telling you. Loud noise coming from your car’s behind sure is sign that your muffler ain’t doing its job no more.

Loud noise could mean any of the following:

  • Holes in your muffler. If this is so, you should just go ahead and buy a new one.
  • Clogged up. This too should need replacing. Trying to pour acid to melt all those bad stuff away is not only dangerous, it’s also stupid. You might end up burning holes on your beloved muffler.

Loud noise isn’t the only symptom that you should be looking for. You should also look out for a loud booming noise, a rattling noise or a hissing noise. And no, that is not the work of some snazzy built-in sound system.

If you happen to find any of the aforementioned symptoms, don’t fret, this is not the end of your car. You can easily buy a new muffler and replace it yourself. Just remember, buying a new one is better than buying second- hand. You might just be buying from a carnapper. No one wants to support this trade, buy only from trusted and authorized dealers.

7 Easy Steps to Remove and Replace a Muffler

You just found out that you’ve got a faulty muffler! Never fret because you can easily replace that one with a brand-new high performance muffler.

Removing the Old Muffler

    1. Raise your car using the car lift. Never get under the car with only the car jack as your support. If you can find a drive- on lift, so much the better.
    2.  Examine the muffler setup. Try to understand where bolts and nuts go. The muffler should be connected to the rest of your car’s exhaust system by three or four bolts per pipe, and should be attached to the body of the car with rubber muffler hangers.
    3. Liberally spray lubricant, like WD-40, all over the bolts. Tap the joints that hold the bolts a few times with a hammer or wrench to get the lubricant to start working its way into the rust. If you should notice that the bolts are severely rusted then you should spray it heavily with the lubricant and let it sit for up to 24 hours.
    4. Grab the floor jack and use it to hold the muffler, raise it enough to take the tension on the muffler hangers. Then use your gloved hands to pull the hangers off.
    5. Unbolt the muffler with a box wrench or a crow’s foot wrench. If the lubricant’s magic is not enough, you might have to use a propane torch or hacksaw to separate the muffler bolts. Using propane torches is not advisable due to the hazards it poses. You might get burned with more than you’ve bargained for.
    6. You can now lower the muffler with the floor jack, but be sure that it is balanced so it will not fall on you. Get someone to assist you on this one to avoid getting conked out of service by the muffler. The gaskets that used to seal the two sections of exhaust should fall away. If it does not, use your tapping prowess to remove them.

      A gasket is a mechanical seal that prevents leakage between two objects while under compression

    7. Clean the surfaces of the exhaust with a rag. Loosen the muffler hanger brackets by looseninng the bolt that holds them to the main part of your car.


Replacing the Muffler

  1. We’re going to use the floor jack again in installing the new muffler by balancing it on the floor jack. Raise it until you can fasten it to the forward sections of the exhaust system.
  2. When in place, attach the new bolts and nuts to the new muffler with the wrenches to the forward section. Make sure that the replacement gaskets are also in between the two sections of the exhaust system.
  3. Hang the replacement muffler from the body with the new exhaust hangers by raising the muffler to the highest level you can with the floor jack. (Just don’t crush it to the bottom of the car.) Slip the new hangers over the mounting brackets of the muffler and on the car body.

    The muffler is attached to the body of the car with rubber muffler hangers

  4. Lower the floor jack until the muffler is at the desired height. Retighten the bolts you loosened in “Removing the Muffler” Step 4. The muffler will now be firmly attached to your car.
  5. Remove the floor jack and start your car so that you can check the joints for any leaks. Carefully move your hand around the attached joints and feel for pulsating air. If you have a leak, check the tension on the bolts. If the bolts are firm, then you may have neglected to reinstall the gaskets properly. Separate the exhaust and try again.
  6. Turn the engine off and carefully lower your vehicle to the ground, you are now officially done!

Congratulations! You have successfully replaced your faulty muffler with a new one.  Don’t be fazed by the number of steps enumerated in this article. If this is the first time you are to do this, you can always ask a friend to help you out. Happy driving!

3 Signs of a Faulty Muffler and the Hazards You Should Know

The muffler’s main purpose is to muffle or cancel out the sound emitted from the engine but it’s also responsible for preventing emissions from entering the “cab” or the body of the vehicle. If you start noticing that your car sounds different when it starts or when it’s running, that’s one reason to check and make sure that your muffler is still in good working condition. It might be hard to tell at first, but don’t fret because over time, you will notice it because your car will sound a lot different and much louder than what you are used to. Don’t be in a hurry to dismiss this as a minor problem because you might get a ticket from the local traffic enforcer for sound pollution – and more importantly, because this is not the only problem you might encounter for a failing muffler.

Hazardous omissionsBeware of hazardous emissions

You’ll eventually experience emissions entering the cab from the car’s tail pipe if you leave this problem unresolved. Bills passed mandating drivers to park facing the wall were certainly not made on a whim as this is a serious health hazard and people do die from inhaling emissions. Small children, pregnant women and people with heart or lung problems are particularly at risk. It might be hard to discern if the fumes you’re inhaling are caused by a faulty muffler or a polluted area, but initially fumes can cause coughing and allergies or watery eyes. Exhaust fumes can also cause babies to fall asleep while riding the car. Aside from health risks a faulty muffler can also decrease gas mileage, meaning your car will be able to cover less distance with a gallon of gasoline, which translates to higher fuel expense.

When in doubt, you can always go to the mechanic and have it checked. You might need to replace your muffler, or find that the symptoms are due to other car parts like the tailpipe instead. Either way, you should regularly have your car undergo maintenance or check- ups to ensure not just your safety but also the safety of the people around you.

What are Car Mufflers for?

Does it ever irritate you how pimped- up cars with their disturbingly low bodies and attention grabbing bass drive by, thumping their way into your innards and making your heart beat to the tune of their music?

Car MufflerHow about when they rev up the engine and let loose that throaty VROOM!?  I know I have – and it still irks me when the bass thumping guy rolls down the window and looks so smug, though I learned to love that growl since that beautiful noise is closely associated to race cars.

You see, race cars don’t need mufflers anymore as these can produce backpressure, which in turn can slow them down. We city people however, need mufflers to avoid receiving tickets for noise pollution.

Installing mufflers doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the speed limit of your car, it only means driving with that gentle purr or awesome low tone with an aggressive growl. There are many different types of mufflers in the market to choose from and one of these is the “glass pack” also known as the “cherry bomb”.

The Cherry Bomb’s technique is that it uses a layer of glass for sound insulation, which doesn’t help much in noise reduction. There is also a “Mini- Muffler” lovingly called the “Hotdog” because of its relatively small size. This guy can be installed instead of the conventional one to enhance the sound produced.

Aside from the technique variation on expelling the flow of the exhaust, mufflers also vary on the material they are made from. Some are aluminized while some are stainless.

Aluminum has been marketed as lightweight and ideal for commuter laptops, it can be bothersome when exposed to the corrosive elements of a car’s exhaust fumes and may last up to only 4 years as opposed to the stainless steel’s durability of 10 years.

When on the market to search for that purr- fect muffler, it pays to know your needs and preferences so that the sales representative will be able to assist you better.