Unearthing the Spiritual Bond between Man & Cars

Starsky & Hutch

If men have difficulty understanding how women can be fickle, emotional, and illogical at times, women also do not get why men are so straightforward, linear in thinking, and at times, reserved. Women are exhilarated whenever the word “SALE” pops up at any shopping mall, while men come alive with the idea of sports and cars. As the title of Dr. John Gray’s book goes, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

But let’s focus on the topic at hand: Men and cars have been a mystery. What exactly drives men to pour all their testosterone-fueled affection on these mechanical machines? The tailfin? The tire rims? What is it about the roar of engines that make men squeal in manly joy? What is it about radiators that make them so cool in the eyes of the male species? (Ho, Ho). In today’s article, we’ll unearth the spiritual bond between man and their cars.

James Bond

• An extension of machismo

The particular build of a car is a man’s own transferable manifestation of his own physical body. Instead of investing time in the gym to pump iron and build muscles or increase their stamina by jogging, they opt for an expensive automotive machine. He is praised for his car instead of his physical dedication.

Instead of being commended for his stamina, it goes to the horsepower of the car. The attention that was supposedly for the human body is diverted to top-of-the-line vehicles. A man’s car becomes a part, or rather an extension, of his physical image.

• Makes them look good/tough

There’s a saying, “You don’t buy a car to make it more attractive. You buy a car to make you look more attractive.” Even if don’t look exactly like Brad Pitt, owning a beautiful car makes you significantly more desirable to the ladies. How that happens is reserved for a different discussion altogether.

• An object of affection/attention

Instead of a pampering a girlfriend or wife, men pour all their care and attention to a car. Activities like gym sessions, salon, spa, and facial treatments are instead replaced with 1000 km check-ups, tune-ups, car washes, auto-detailing, etc.

• “Legal” promiscuity

The idea of promiscuity is deemed immoral by many, but it is perfectly acceptable when man applies it to, you’ve guessed it, automobiles. This idea could possibly be an extension of Freudian theory, that unlike a woman, “…a man can enter a car whenever he pleases and have his way with it…unless they both hit traffic”, says Germaine Greer of The Telegraph.

The Different Kinds of Car Radiators

Before walking into a radiator shop in the Philippines, it’s best to know what type of radiator to get for your car in the event that it does break down.

From the early years of the automotive industry up until today, various materials have been used to construct radiators. As the technology of car production progressed, so did the choice of substances increased. This was done in order to provide maximum cooling effect, ensuring the integrity of both the device and car. Here are the different kinds of car radiators.


• Copper-Brass

Brass radiators were standard issue in all automobiles up until 1980. These devices had brass tanks inside and a copper core. A basic copper-brass radiator could reject at a rate of about 1,500 BTU (British Thermal Units) per hour, according to the community of car enthusiasts at Flex-a-lite.

Though large and clunky, copper-brass radiators are not without their advantages. Modern advances in copper-brass technology accomplished through the International Copper Association (ICA) have made these kinds of radiators nearly 50% lighter than the traditional makes. There is also less air pressure in these radiators (about 30%) because the parts in copper-brass brands are much smaller. Smaller parts also mean less chance for the pipes inside the radiator from blowing out due to the pressure.

In the event that a copper-brass radiator has outlived its usefulness, modern types are 100% recyclable, making it friendly to the environment.

The two major problems with brass radiators were that they’re very expensive and, over time, would suffer from rust, making them very inefficient in the long run. This is why they were eventually replaced with…


• Plastic

To solve weight and cost problems encountered with its copper-brass counterpart, auto manufacturers turned to plastic radiators. Naturally, plastic weighs much lighter than metals such as copper or brass, and are much cheaper to produce. Today, this is one of the most common materials used for modern car radiators. They expel as much as 1,000 BTU per hour. Not bad for a plastic car part.

According to experts of Cap-A-Radiator, the lightness of the weight results to better fuel economy. Production of plastic car components was made by machines, and not humans, which is why they are more cost-efficient.


• Aluminum

The problem with plastic components is that they have to be replaced entirely. Fixing them would take a much more tedious process, hence the preference to change instead of repair. This is where aluminum radiators come in handy.

Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, meaning it conducts heat very well, absorbing it faster. This state allows hot coolant passing aluminum tubes to be cooled instantly, which is beneficial when it returns for another cycle to cool the car engine. Depending on the manufacturer, a radiator made entirely from aluminum can conduct as much as 2,000 BTU per hour. That’s a 41% increase in efficiency when compared to its brass counterpart.

12 Bizarre Traffic Rules from All Over the World

Driving Rules

Traffic rules are simple, yes? Stop. Yield. Go. Easy to remember and to-the-point. They’re also logical, like stopping before a pedestrian lane. Drivers do that so they give way for pedestrians to walk. Unfortunately, in other countries, some traffic rules are just weird, utterly bizarre, relatively senseless, or just downright dumb. Here are some of the strangest traffic rules found around the world:

12) You can’t wash your cars on a Sunday in Switzerland

Why? Are the lawmakers there Jewish enough that they abide by the Sabbath law (which means no working on a particular day of the week at all)? You just can’t. Not even the muffler? Awww…

11) In the state of Alabama, you can’t drive blindfolded

Wow. Who was the genius that thought this up? Maybe someone with a heightened sense of spatial awareness much like Marvel’s Daredevil. Makes you wonder if other places do allow driving with blindfolds.

10) In California, you can’t shoot game animals from a moving vehicle, except for a whale

Yep. That’s right. Quick, someone call Captain Ahab.

9) Women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia

Maybe because their burkas can double as blindfolds? We’ll never know. But at its core, this is just sexism at play here.

8) You must have windshield wipers installed in your vehicle in Luxembourg…

…but having a windshield is the driver’s choice. Huh? This is just bizarre on so many levels.

7) You must give way when an animal herder crosses your path in South Africa

If you don’t, you’ll be fined $500. Pesky animal herders.

6) In Scandinavia, you must drive with your headlights on…even if it’s sunny outside

Talk about overkill.

5) Drivers must always bring their breathalyzer in France

This kind of makes sense, since wine is the French’s equivalent to water. But why can’t the police bring their own breathalyzers for traffic duties?

4) Traffic fines in Finland are not fixed, but taken out as percentage from your total income

Finally, a good reason to be jobless, or not have a car.

3) You must bring an extra pair of eyeglasses in Spain, even if you already have one on

They must be really concerned about your eyesight over there…

2) In Germany, it is illegal for your car run out of gas in the Autobahn

With no gas stations in the Autobahn, it is imperative that you check your tank before driving the 12,845-kilometer interconnected highway. Although, getting arrested for an empty gas tank sounds hilarious on your driver’s record if you think about it.

And finally:

1) In Nevada, you can’t ride a camel on the road

First of all, who in their right mind rides a camel on the road? And second of all, who in their right mind rides a camel on the road?

How Does the Self-Braking Safety Feature Work?

The self-braking features of some cars today like Lexus, BMW, and Audi brands are the latest innovation in automotive technology.  Some of the less expensive brands have also started to apply this novelty to their vehicles. The new system makes use of special sensors that makes a car aware of its surroundings, which could come in the form of radars, lasers, cameras or GPS.  Before, only a few can afford to buy these vehicles due to its higher price tag.  But costs have now lessened thanks to the new camera-based systems.

Self-Braking Safety FeatureAvoidance Technology, as it is called, uses an existing system that includes parking sensors and blind-spot warnings which detects people and objects all around the vehicle. When the vehicle comes dangerously close to an object, the device will stop the car automatically. This safety feature will be very helpful when it comes to avoiding car accidents. Those who live in urban areas, where running cars are overflowing, can really benefit from this innovation. Sleepy drivers will have peace of mind with the knowledge that the brakes will automatically stop the car when they fail to respond to certain traffic regulations and signs.  It will also be very convenient for long drives in unfamiliar places at night.

Many vehicle brands continuously come up with more safety characteristics including the self-driving features and anti-lock brakes.  Countries in Europe applaud this modernism because it can spontaneously alarm the driver, decelerate and break the car.  For instance, if the driver is unaware of the sounding alarm, the car will automatically decelerate to effectively protect the driver, his passengers, fellow drivers, and venerable pedestrians.  Its anti-collision function will surely be an advantage to all drivers, especially those with small children.  Drivers can also adjust its settings and customize the alarm system.  It’s almost as if it has a mind of its own as it demonstrates full-time anti-interference ability and reliability performance.

With close competition in the market nowadays, it is to the public’s advantage if manufacturers can make the prices cheaper of such modernized cars. Not only does it make the lives of the people safe but it will also signify their intention to make accessible to the general populace.

New Innovations on Technology Upgrades Available for Your Car

Latest GPS TechnologyTired of the common upgrades of HID headlights, mag wheels, or body kits? Want to stand out without riding the bandwagon of those usual customizations? High-tech upgrades can give you practical benefits and, at the same time, turn your ride into a head-turner! In this article, let us take a look at new innovative concepts that can upgrade your car’s technology!


Navigation and Communication Upgrades

An upgrade in navigation is a most useful upgrade as this is of the primary purpose of your vehicle. The popular GPS technology will always be a good thing to have installed in your car’s dashboard. There are lots of models and brands to choose from, so pick the one that has a great user interface that can be easily be installed. Remember to opt for the version with the latest updates.

Some GPS models are so modern that they are equipped with Google interface and several apps. It will not only provide you with maps, but also a variety of communication capabilities.

Proximity or parking sensors will benefit your safety, so acquire them if your budget allows you to. Their presence will alarm you with impending dangers and obstacles. If you are willing to sacrifice a little of the look of your car for safety’s sake, then don’t hesitate in installing these sensors.

Installing Bluetooth receivers will also be helpful in terms of convenience and safety. Imagine connecting and navigating around your gadgets with no wires at all! Music, video and other features are all accessible wirelessly.

Car Entertainment SystemEntertainment Upgrades

If you want to stay entertained as you go along your journeys on the road, those typical AM/FM radio tuners won’t always be enough. For added quality to your radio needs, get the satellite radio receivers for ensuring great signal even if you veer far away from a station’s home base. You may get LCD screens too and install them all over your vehicle; make sure that they are accompanied by the proper so you and your passengers can watch TV on the go. Having DVD and Bluray players can up the ante and give you Hi-Def experience.

Also, don’t forget to consider those high-fidelity sound system upgrades! Your ears will love the high frequency response of branded speakers, especially those with strong wattage speakers and subwoofers for that heart-tromping experience!

Future Technologies

As new as they can be, there are up-and-coming technologies that are in the works to be released for commercial use very soon! Besides the customary sensors, there are collision avoidance systems that warn of any sorts of terrain dangers that lie ahead on the road. Information such as speed and distance can be relayed to the driver; visual representations of impending dangerous curves are also made available.

A hot topic within the automotive industry is the soon-to-be-released Google Autonomous Car! Tests have shown promising results, and it will be just a matter of time until this technology upgrade will also be implemented to commercial vehicles. Just you wait.

How to Choose the Best Radiator in Town

Cruisin’ like a boss in your car does not seem too shabby at all! You’re there in your vehicle – your faithful steed, the reliable machine, transporting yourself to your destination in one the coolest ways possible – your own automobile. I’m sure you care so much about your automobile that you’d go far measures to ensure its maintenance and its constant quality. You’d never want your beloved car to be rendered utterly useless because of poor maintenance, right?

Allow me to inject a little logic. Do you take care of your car’s tires, checking their pressures regularly or at least relatively often? How about the oil, changing them when it’s due time? Hopefully, the answer is yes, and if it is, may I ask why? The obvious answer is because you do it to take care of your automobile, right? Well just as important to the over-all workings of your vehicle like the tires and the oil, is your car’s radiator. If, for some reason, you need to pick and choose a good radiator for your car, what should you look for?

Failed Car RadiatorBut why should I bother?

You may be thinking, why should I bother with my radiator? As long as I actually HAVE a radiator, I’m good, right? Well, unfortunately if you have that thinking, your mentality cares very little for your vehicle. It’s not just only about having a radiator, but it’s also about the kind of radiator you ought to have. Is it a good one? Is it a beat-up one you picked up out of the junk shop for the equivalent price of a milkshake? It’s about quality. Remember, just like your body, your car has several “organs” which makes it function over-all. The radiator is a component that’s as important as any other, like the gas tank, the tires, or the engine itself. It has the major responsibility of cooling the engine. You don’t want to find yourself stuck on the road because your car overheated, right? That ought to be extremely frustrating. Therefore, the radiator’s condition and quality must never be overlooked. So what determines a good radiator? Let’s find out.

Starting from the basic and utterly obvious, a radiator cannot be called “good” for your car if it isn’t the right kind. Know the brand of your car and make sure either (one), it comes from the same manufacturer or, (two) it is made by a company for cars like yours. You can get the best radiator for a truck, but if you have a car, that would make no sense at all. So remember that it’s the best one that’s made FOR your vehicle.

What is it made of?

There’s quite a debate going on about whether the best radiators are made of brass or aluminum. They DO, of course, perform the same task, don’t get me wrong, but it’s about HOW they perform that task. It terms of how it cools, brass is better than aluminum because it conducts heat better than aluminum. However, if you go for brass radiators, that’s much more weight than you would have if you have an aluminum radiator. For efficiency of your car’s engine, we all know that lighter is better. Another thing: brass is more susceptible to cracks and leaks compared to aluminum. So if I were you, I’d go for aluminum which is more efficient over-all.

Other factors.

Remember these. The wider the tubes, the better it is in making contact with the fins, causing it to dissipate heat better. If it dissipates heat well, then that means it’s doing its job. Again, the thinner the fins and the wider it is means that more cool air will contact them, which will in turn, make contact with the tubes which will cool the engine. In a nutshell, this means that thin and wide fins are good.

Evercool RadiatorBrand name matters.

It’s not enough knowing what makes a good radiator. The brand matters as much as a summation of all these characteristics. A good radiator brand that’s trusted, proven reliable, and consistently amazing is one that you should seek, just like Roberts’ ever-reliable Evercool Radiators, only to name one off-the-top-of-the-list.  With EverCool radiators, there’s no overheating, therefore there are not headaches and frustrating moments for you! That’s what you should look for.

So as you can see. It’s false to think, meh, a radiator’s a radiator. What’s the difference? Obviously, the whole engine cooling task hinges entirely on your radiator. It’s not to be taken lightly. You must give careful thought in choosing your radiator. It’s an investment for the far future.

Truth or Myth: The Noisier the Muffler, the Faster the Car

“Vrooom! Vrooom!” – It would be so nice if the muffler of your car sounded like this, right? I bet you would also want your car to be as fast as the car in the video; Well, I do too!  An incredibly fast car, when put into full use, is usually punctuated by a resounding muffler noise. But, have you ever wondered if the loudness of a car’s muffler is related to its speed? Is the speed of a car identified by the noise of its muffler?

Truth or Myth?

It’s a myth! The noise on your muffler could add a couple of horsepower, but it does not ensure a faster speed on your car. Also, cars in general don’t get noisier as they gain speed. It was suggested in findings that when your car reaches its maximum power in top gear, the noise input has also achieves its maximum, even if the car may continue gaining speed. It just seems that most of the good pipes are loud, and that’s because of the added noise, which is due to the less restriction of the exhaust gases. As it was also stated, most of the power-boosting pipes out there are louder than regular pipes. However, it must also be stated that not all loud pipes boost power. Just keep in mind that the faster cars are not always the noisiest.

So what can you do then?

Do you want a faster car? Well, making your muffler noisier is not the solution. There are several ways on how you can increase the speed of your car, and these are the following:

  • Change your mechanical fan to an aftermarket fan to free up some extra horsepower to reach the ground.
  • Change your fuel pump from a mechanical to an electrical one; this should draw extra power from your battery and alternator.
  • Increase the amount of cool dense air in your  car to produce more power.
  • Purchase a pre-programmed chip (or a chip and a programmer) to allow you to modify the performance chips. This alteration will allow your car to achieve better fuel mileage, better towing capabilities, better horsepower, and better speed either off the starting line or in the top end.
  • Purchase a supercharger to add a huge amount of power to your engine.

Save up with Tiger Leafsprings

Tiger Leafspings

Your car is composed of various parts with various functions. Oftentimes, understanding the anatomy and function of the collective purposes of your car components may seem like rocket science. Finding the best possible solution to a broken car isn’t always easy. Like many other drivers, perhaps you’re having problems with the maintenance of the different parts of your car.

One such part, which is crucial when you’re driving on rough roads, is the suspension. The suspension is of great importance, especially when during times where you are required to carry heavy loads. Picking up relatives fresh from the airport is one example. Armed with their countless suitcases, you gotta make sure that your car won’t give in while you’re in the middle of the road. Also, those who have businesses that involve transporting toilsome payloads must take extra care of their vehicles.

It’s important to note that while most suspensions are designed for various loads, the process in which they are manufactured should come into knowledge as well. One such method is called shot peening. In this method, a little ball is fired at the metal (this is more complicated than firing a gas gun at a firing range), which results in several dimpled folds that strengthen the particular piece of metal, making them more durable in adverse situations.

Tiger Leafsprings are manufactured using this process, which is mandatorily followed by rigorous testing and numerous certifications in the manufacturing process. This ensures that this particular product by Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC for short) are consistently produced at the highest quality.

Shot PeeningTiger Leafsprings are used by Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, and are often exported to various OEM assemblers outside of the country. In addition to providing quality leaf springs to these assemblers, Tiger Leafsprings are also present in the aftermarket for customers requiring a higher performing automotive part.

Roberts AIPMC is the most reliable auto parts manufacturer, trusted for years by OEM assemblers in Philippines and also in overseas markets. They develop their products to be better than what is available in the market and ensure that the quality and durability is beyond comparison. Armed with ISO certifications, customers such as you will have peace of mind, knowing that every product manufactured by Roberts AIPMC is of consistently the highest quality.

If you’re looking for a new leaf spring for your car, I would suggest Tiger Leafsprings, Roberts AIPMC always provides quality in whatever parts they produce, and I’m sure you’d only use the best performing parts that would last for your car through the different environments you are subject to.

Why Do We Use Leaf Springs for Heavier Vehicles?

Leaf SpringsA leaf spring, or a carriage spring, is a simple type of spring usually utilized for wheeled vehicles. Also, it is one of the oldest sorts of springing in medieval times. One the advantages of a leaf spring over a regular spring, which is helical, is that the leaf spring’s end might be directed along a specific path. Leaf springs for heavier vehicles can be fixed to the frame, or it can be fixed at one end directly, with the frontage normally fixed through a bind, which is a small swinging arm. The bind takes up the inclination of the leaf spring to lengthen if compressed. This causes the supple springiness.

The suspension is the main feature which contributes to the suppleness of your car. As of this time, leaf springs are the commonly used in the suspension schemes of motor vehicles. In addition to this, it is recognized as a cart spring or semi elliptical spring, like an arc-figured length of a steel coil with a rectangle cross-section. As mentioned earlier, you can fix this leaf spring straightly to the both sides of the frames or straightly to the one side, the front end in particular as the other side is fixed with the shackle or bind, a small swinging arm.

Also, a leaf spring made out of many leaves in various layers piling at the peak of each other frequently began with progressively smaller leaves. These were eventually utilized to give comfort to passengers riding heavier cars. As of this time, leaf springs are detained to big commercial cars and some SUVs. The parabolic type is the latest design of the leaf spring, which is frequently utilized in buses for the reason that it gives a more amusing riding experience. Though it is known as a leaf spring, it doesn’t truly have much impression to a leaf. Basically, it is composed of a big portion of steel which has other smaller ones fixed to it. The sheets are centered on the piece to give a broad and uneven “V” shape.

Support for Heavy Vehicles

Using leaf springs for heavier vehicles is ideal at dispensing weight well over a big place, and that is the reason why they are perfect on heavier vehicles. Leaf springs are also found in traditional vehicles because of the significant role they have in the suspension scheme can’t be overlooked. Some other advantages include: better fuel economy, cost efficient, improved load carrying capacity and decreased road break for an equal axle weight.

It is recommended to do some research on leaf springs for heavier vehicles to avoid unwanted damage on your vehicles, which would eventually lead to expensive repairs along the road. Your main concern must be general ride performance, stability and safety during deep towing. You have to be certain that you are purchasing an air ride suspension scheme if you are sincere about towing, which can do more than rank the ride; it must be suitable for deep towing. As several of many things in the industry of automotive, using a cheap aftermarket part frequently yields less than the finest results.

Why You Need High Performance and Affordable Mufflers

Your car is your baby and your darling. She is there for you wherever you go and will always be there through thick and thin. Your car will take care of you, but if you don’t treat her well in return, she may just change her mind. And let me tell you from experience, you do not want that to happen.

…”What in the hell is he talking about?”

Here is a question that might be running through your mind right now, and I don’t really blame you. But let me ask you another question, is safety important for you? If the answer is yes then, read on.

Soundex Muffer

I’m sure by now that you are aware of the benefits of your car’s muffler. It functions basically to expel and keep unwanted fumes and emissions away from your car; this is important because we all know that car emissions are hazardous not only to your health, but also to the rest of your family. This is especially true when you have young children, who have systems that are more prone to its hazards.

While there are various kinds of mufflers out in the market, it’s important that your muffler ensures that all fumes and emissions are directed from the engine and out of your car without much sound or any leaks into the cabin. To have this kind of quality it is important to choose a supplier that undertakes rigorous testing in performance and durability.

By now, I’m pretty sure you want to know where you can get such a high performing muffler, and the answer is from Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation. Roberts AIPMC manufactures mufflers for brands such as Toyota and Hino. In addition to this, they have a set of high performing mufflers called Soundex. Their mufflers go through rigorous testing and their facilities are ISO certified, so you can be sure that your muffler is of the highest quality.

If you’re unsure about your muffler, I suggest checking it with your neighborhood friendly mechanic. And, if he suggests that you need to get it changed, then go for Roberts AIPMC Soundex Mufflers. When it comes to quality, I’m sure you only go for the best and Roberts AIPMC ensures that they only deliver the best.