How Does your Car’s Gasoline Octane Level Affect your Car?

Gasoline Octane LevelAll cars are composed of four-stroke gasoline engines. Of these four, the compression stroke is the one that condenses air and gas into a smaller volume in a cylinder before it is ignited by the spark plug. The amount compressed would then be called compression ratio. The gasoline octane level of a vehicle will tell how much compression the fuel needs before it can ignite. Usually the compression ratio is 8:1. Thru this ratio, one can accurately determine the octane rating of the gas that one must use in his or her car.

For a car engine to assume a high-performance level, it must have a high compression ratio and a high octane fuel. A high compression ratio involves a higher horsepower though the gasoline for the engine may cost higher as well. Making use of high octane gasoline prevents engine knocking as it tends to burn slower than low octane gasoline. Although it is important to note that this is not a fixed principle as certain cars can react differently to various types of gasoline. If your car is running on low octane gasoline running and has not experience engine knocking, then switching to high octane will not result to any significant advantages. It all really depends upon the build of the vehicle’s engine.

For today’s generation of new automobiles, high octane gasoline is needed if recommended by the manufacturers themselves. It would be wise to instigate a necessary discussion with the sales department of an automobile company regarding the condition of the car you desire to purchase. Gather all the important details pertaining to the indispensable parts of the vehicle, its fuel specifications, and its engine mechanics.

Though there is some truth in the myth that there are benefits in using octane boosters, the end result will ultimately be decided by your car’s engine. If we consider the regular gasoline octane rating of 87, high octane fuel would not make any improvement on mileage or speed. If your car is designed to run on 87 octane gasoline  there should not be any significant difference when it comes to its ability to produce power. If your car’s performance has decreased in quality recently, it might be suffering from a damaged part, so make sure to treat your car to a check-up every once in a while. I conclude with the reminder that the gasoline octane level should be leveled according to the specifications of the manufacturing company.

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