The Best Cars for Fuel-Efficient City Driving


With fuel costs still rising and available parking spaces shrinking in size, it is no wonder people are opting to exchange gas guzzling cars in favor of getting fuel-efficient alternatives that are easy to maneuver around a city and won’t need as much maintenance as the former.

On the topic of city driving, this list aims to be as broad as possible by listing vehicles of all types, so all kinds of drivers will find a model that suites their taste. Built with superior engines and smooth exhaust systems, here are seven vehicles that will save you a buck or two every time you take a trip to the city.

Honda Insight EX

Most Fuel-Efficient Hatchback – Overall MPG: 38, City MPG: 29, Highway MPG: 45

As an affordable hatchback, this car is adored by its owners for being very economical on its fuel consumption. While people won’t buy it for looks, comfort or anything else except its fuel efficiency, it does attract buyers, especially those who are just looking for something to drive long distances without having to worry about his or her budget for gas.

Hyundai Accent GLS

Most Fuel-Efficient Subcompact Car – Overall MPG: 31, City MPG: 20, Highway MPG: 45

Comfortable and beautifully designed, the Accent is a car that’s literally a great “bang for your buck”, which is something that most cars can’t boast these days. Aside from fuel efficiency, it looks and drives like a luxury car without the brand being associated as one.

Hyundai Elantra GLS

Most Fuel-Efficient Compact Car – Overall MPG: 29, City MPG: 20, Highway MPG: 39

One of the most relaxing vehicles on the market is also a fuel-efficient vehicle that has most of the features people look for in a product: great aesthetics and extra components that enhance the user experience.

BMW Z4 sDrive28i

Most Fuel-Efficient Roadster – Overall MPG: 28, City MPG: 19, Highway MPG: 38

For those expecting the Mazda Miata to top the list, I apologize. While the Miata and Z4 share almost the same quality when it comes to maneuverability, the Z4 is more fuel-efficient than its rival. The only downside is that it’s nearly twice as expensive. However, you’ll be saving money after only two years of usage.

Honda Accord EX-L (V6)

Most Fuel-Efficient Mid-sized Vehicle – Overall MPG: 26, City MPG: 16, Highway MPG: 39

The popular Accord trumps other midsized vehicles for being reasonably fast in relation to its fuel efficiency. This feature along with an enticing price tag makes it a popular choice amongst drivers looking forward to cut back on gas money.

Subaru Impreza Sport Premium

Most Fuel-Efficient Wagon – Overall MPG: 26, City MPG: 19, Highway MPG: 33

Despite being the smallest car offered by its manufacturer, the Impreza is surprisingly roomier and easy to handle. Given that the car was derived from its Rally version, the specs from its counterpart make this one fun to drive and, more importantly, inexpensive.

Buick Verano Leather

Most Fuel-Efficient Luxury Vehicle – Overall MPG: 24, City MPG: 16, Highway MPG: 33

For those with a few extra thousands in their wallet, you can’t go wrong with buying the Verano Leather. It has everything one needs in a vehicle: speed, comfort, style and, of course, a knack for keeping fuel in the tank for as long as possible.

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