When Is Having Your Car Towed A Better Option?

 Car Being TowedThere are simply some days when your car isn’t cooperating with you 100%, and I’m not just talking about when your car’s AC is broken. I’m talking about the times when it just gives up on you in the middle of your travel. Has that ever happened to you? Chances are, it has at least once. And if it hasn’t happened to you yet, sooner or later, it probably will.

 Such misfortunes are usually dealt with in the most unexpected of moments, and options won’t be so many. The atmosphere of the busy streets, the sight of the crowded cars, and the desire to have your car fixed as soon as possible will funnel your choices into one: Have your car towed.

So when is having your car towed a better option? One easy answer to that is when it’s the ONLY option you have. There are some times when your car refuses to transport you, but it would be okay even if you won’t have it towed. For example, your car ran out of gas, and it absolutely gave up on you. You can still run to your nearest gasoline station and buy a gallon and bring it back. Yes, it sounds very hard to do, but it’s still an option aside from calling a tow truck.

Towing ServicesSo as you can see, even in the simplest dilemma, you can still see the convenience of having the need to have your car towed. Another example is a flat tire. You don’t need to have your car towed over a flat tire! You can just change it yourself, and obviously, having your car towed is NOT the ONLY option. Therefore, you don’t have to have it towed. But, what if your car overheated or the engine is just absolutely beyond immediate repair? This obviously leaves you no choice but to have it towed.

But you still have another choice to take. You can call a friend to drive to your immobilized car and have his automobile pull yours. This is cheaper, but is not as recommended as having your car pulled by a real tow-truck. However, having your car towed by another non-tow-truck vehicle is prohibited in major highways. It’s probably ok in side-streets, minor roads, and such. In some places, you can even ask help from the people to push your car! So as you can see, it’s very simple. Just remember that if worse comes to worst, have it towed. Don’t forget to maintain your car properly so that you’ll avoid this, of course! Happy driving.

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