How to Make Your Car Pollute Less

Car PollutionAt present, no one can ever deny the fact that our environment has been vastly invaded by pollution. One of the main causes of pollution is the advancement of technology. And because the existence and evolutions of cars is part of this movement, we must admit that cars have become one of the primary pollutants of our environment. Many are very much eager to show off their car that represents the latest models.  Nothing wrong with this, but it’s sad how most drivers are not even aware of the pollution their car emits. Truth is, excessive car usage produces plenty of pollution, which has unfortunately become one of the major contributors to it.

One significant effect of car pollution is climate change, and this does nothing good to us at all, particularly to our health. Respiratory diseases and various forms of cancers are the most common health effects of car pollution to people. But you know, it’s never too late to do something to inhibit this problem.

Hence, here are some effective ways you may follow to reduce the pollution produced by your car—

  • Once in a while, provide your car with proper care and maintenance by taking it to a service center, where you can ask the mechanics to do a check-up on your car’s engine, tire pressure, brakes and fuel consumption. It is important for you to learn about the condition of your car to prevent unwanted incidents from happening while driving.
  • Use nitrogen to fill the tires of your car, as it is more consistent than normal air pressure or oxygen. Currently, nitrogen is being used in race cars because of its stability. A nitrogen-filled tire causes it to become more stable because nitrogen inside the tire can handle temperature changes better than oxygen. Another plus factor of using nitrogen is that it wouldn’t combust should it encounter fire. This will prevent further pollution.
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  • Drive in moderate speed, because it’s another effective way to save fuel. Driving in high speeds in unstable roads would cause you to continually hit the brakes. Not very wise. Did you know that your car consumes more fuel when you hit the brakes more frequent than normal?
  • When you’re stuck in traffic, always remember: Observe. If the condition remains the same after a couple of minutes, then switch off your engine. Just switch it back on when cars the cars in front of you are starting to be mobile again.
  • Carpooling is encouraged. It saves money. It lessens the cars seen on the road. It reduces stress. Most of all, it reduces pollution.
  • If a certain destination of yours can be reached by walking or by riding a bike, then just do so. As much as possible, try to lessen the usage of your car. By looking at the brighter side, you’ll still benefit from it because in return you’ll be able to have a fitter body.
  • Drive a hybrid car as it has better mileage than non-hybrid ones. Also, it has been well proven that these species of car have cleaner emissions.

On a last note, simply remember these tips—

  • Don’t hurry. Keep in mind that no one’s chasing you.
  • Drive safely, and wisely. So when driving, don’t go over the speed limit.

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