What are Car Mufflers for?

Does it ever irritate you how pimped- up cars with their disturbingly low bodies and attention grabbing bass drive by, thumping their way into your innards and making your heart beat to the tune of their music?

Car MufflerHow about when they rev up the engine and let loose that throaty VROOM!?  I know I have – and it still irks me when the bass thumping guy rolls down the window and looks so smug, though I learned to love that growl since that beautiful noise is closely associated to race cars.

You see, race cars don’t need mufflers anymore as these can produce backpressure, which in turn can slow them down. We city people however, need mufflers to avoid receiving tickets for noise pollution.

Installing mufflers doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the speed limit of your car, it only means driving with that gentle purr or awesome low tone with an aggressive growl. There are many different types of mufflers in the market to choose from and one of these is the “glass pack” also known as the “cherry bomb”.

The Cherry Bomb’s technique is that it uses a layer of glass for sound insulation, which doesn’t help much in noise reduction. There is also a “Mini- Muffler” lovingly called the “Hotdog” because of its relatively small size. This guy can be installed instead of the conventional one to enhance the sound produced.

Aside from the technique variation on expelling the flow of the exhaust, mufflers also vary on the material they are made from. Some are aluminized while some are stainless.

Aluminum has been marketed as lightweight and ideal for commuter laptops, it can be bothersome when exposed to the corrosive elements of a car’s exhaust fumes and may last up to only 4 years as opposed to the stainless steel’s durability of 10 years.

When on the market to search for that purr- fect muffler, it pays to know your needs and preferences so that the sales representative will be able to assist you better.

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