When Your Car is Due for Check-Up

Mechanic Inspecting CarPeople who aim to take excellent care of their precious car can face requirements that can be just as demanding as the needs of a kid. You need to find a scheduled time to wash it, feed it (with gas), buy stuff for it and… yes, even take it out for those occasional check-ups. Your car needs to be kept healthy, so maintenance is a MUST. I’m pretty sure that no driver out there would want their car to crash down on them because of poor performance.

Some people are not well-informed when it comes to the status of their car’s physical condition. This is bad. Lots of time and money can be lost if one fails to detect the day where their car is longing for that necessary check-up. To avoid this dilemma, consider the pointers given below.


In general, an automobile should be checked once or twice a year, considering that there are some precise parts that you can check by yourself. Most check-ups will usually end with your mechanic advising you to replace a part or two. It is highly recommended to have your auto checked right before a particular season changes. This is suggested so the specialists in the service center can thoroughly observe the car parts, checking if each component can survive the sudden transition of the upcoming season.

What to Consider

Here are some relevant thoughts that you can reflect on before turning in your car. Greatly consider the type and brand of car you own. If you have, let’s say, a Mercedes, Chrysler, or BMW, be extra careful. Make sure your mechanic specializes in those models, since their parts and technology are off the charts. These are the species of cars that demand outstanding care. An ordinary mechanic may not be able to properly diagnose your complicated car.

Car Check-UpOn the other hand, I am not suggesting that you just take your car to any mechanic if it doesn’t belong to the list of luxury automobiles. As the “parent” of the automobile, it is obligatory for you to find a service center that will provide top notch care for your vehicle. Think of this as an investment, where you can save yourself the trouble of having to revisit the mechanic because of mediocre parts or services.

What to Expect

So let’s say that you’ve finally found the guy who would be performing your car’s check-ups. What procedures should you expect from him? A regular auto check should start off with an oil change, oil filter change, and light inspection, which is closely followed by the checking of brakes, clutch, tire pressure, wiper blades, batteries and steering. For us humans, it’s like having an executive check up, where we undergo a lot of tests, ensuring that our organs are properly functioning still. Notice how your car resembles a true human being? Amusing.

An auto service check-up is very beneficial for the owner. But like I said, annual or even bi-annual may not be enough, if we’re talking about your driving safety as well. It is really expensive to have your auto checked in a service all the time, so the next time you find yourself standing next to your mechanic, ask for some tips on how you can check some parts on your own.

Sure, the process of maintaining the health of our car is different from the preservation of own well-being, but the popular saying applies to both: “Prevention is better than cure.”

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