What Should You Do When Your Car Battery Dies?

Dead Car BatteryIt’s a cool Saturday night and you’re all decked out in a brand new shirt sprayed with your favorite colognes. To top it off, you even had your shoes shined. You can almost be sure that your date would drool at the very sight of you. You grab your car keys and jump into your car. You just cleaned it today to leave a good impression to the lucky girl. A new wax coat and car perfume act as icing to the cake that is you.

You place the key in the ignition and you hear a tired wheezing, you look around to see if anybody is around. Maybe the asthmatic neighbor of yours is having a bad day, but there is no one. You try it again but all you hear is: ‘Click, click, click.’

You bump your head against the steering wheel and try again. It is the same response. You turn on your stereo to check the time, and your favorite station is playing some of your favorite songs. Too bad it does not solve the fact that you are running late on your date. The air conditioner is working and your headlights are in full show.

Seems like your battery is dead, and there are no two ways about it. The problem is to find out why it is dead. We need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

  • Pop open the hood and look for that nice colorful box near the edge. You will recognize it as it has two bolts sticking out of it that is connected by some wires. You have found the battery.
  • Clean your battery posts and connectors. There is a chance that your alternator and battery might still work, which might mean the problems might have been caused by dirty and/or corroded cables.
  • Re-connect the cables and call your asthmatic neighbor to give you a jump. Wait for awhile until he brings his car over and pulls out his jumper cables. (You should have your own set just in case you get stranded somewhere more isolated.)
  • Now connect the jumper cables to the posts of each battery. Remember negative for negative and positive for positive. (Just like your television remote control.) And before I forget, don’t ever connect both the negative and the positive at the same time!
Jump Starting a Car
  • Start your car and hear the beautiful sound of your motor running. While it is running, remove the positive cable from the battery. Now for the shocking truth! (No, you won’t get electrocuted, but try to keep it from touching something else.)
  • If the engine suddenly dies, then your battery is perfectly fine. This points the problem to your alternator. The solution? Get your car to the nearest mechanic as soon as possible.
  • If the engine continues running, then you need to replace your battery. The solution? You can always call a Battery Shop, which can hopefully deliver a fresh battery as soon as possible. If you really can’t wait for the sake of your date, the neighbors’ car is there to borrow, as long as you get their permission first.

Now that you’ve figured out what is wrong with your car, make sure to call your date and tell her you will be late. You could also ask her to bring a friend; someone who can be a perfect pair to your helpful, asthmatic neighbor.


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