“Bayad Po!” 5 Reasons Why you should be a Proud Commuter

Public Transportation

Sometimes, when we’re inside a hot, cramped jeepney for the 89th time in two months, we begin to wonder what it would be like to be in one of those comfy, stylish luxury cars that overtake us every five minutes. But envy not and wonder no more, because we have listed five reasons why you, and millions of other Filipinos, should be a Proud Commuter.

You get to save money

Riding a bus, train or subway can be a lot cheaper than filling up a tank of gas. It can also help you lower your other car expenses such as parking fee, auto repairs, tire wear, and even insurance if your cost is based on the number of miles you drive.  Your vehicle may have a longer life and there will be no need to replace it as soon if you let it rest once in a while.

You get to save time

If you are in a hurry to go to school or work, try riding the train and subways. Take pleasure in using these technologies that are developed and improved as they can serve you better with more efficiency and effectiveness. You will never get caught in traffic if you ride these great transport systems.

You lessen your chance of getting lost

If you are not sure of how to get to your destination, it is advisable to use the public transport. With an automated voice announcing the destination at every stop, you probably won’t get lost unless you’re not able to hear it.  That each destination’s name are plastered all through public transits proves further that you won’t get lost as long as you pay attention.

You lessen the risk of road accidents

You may also opt to use the public transit to lessen the risk of accidents, especially if you have just learned how to drive or if you are an elder. By not driving, you can at least use your phone, sleep, review or do other things you want. While the public transportation system has already greatly improved with new technology, there is also a guarantee that it is managed and operated well by specialized companies or the government. The drivers or operators from these organizations are also pros and well-trained to drive and keep the lives of their passengers safe.

You get to help in preserving the environment

Public transportation is very eco-friendly. It is undeniable that the increased use of private vehicles is contributing largely not only to traffic congestions but also to pollution, with an unimaginable amount of harmful chemicals emitted by our vehicle’s exhaust system. This results to experiencing the negative effects of global warming, which had done nothing but get worse in the past decade. Use public transportation when you travel at least occasionally and give the nature a break with lesser gas consumption and carbon footprint.

Ride the public transportation at times and enjoy the company of other riders while taking all these reasons to your advantage. You will not only gain personal benefits but also help solve the growing concerns in the economy and in the environment.

Adding all car-related expenses will surprise you as to how a great burden it actually is and how using public transport can help you save time and money, avoid getting lost, avoid accidents and preserve the environment.

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