How to Avoid Side Mirror Thieves

It’s been a long day. You walk back to your neatly packed car, eager to drive home for a good night’s rest. But the moment you arrive at your parking spot, you immediately notice that something is missing! Your side mirrors! They’re gone! The thieves were only interested in the wing mirrors, as they scratched up the area around the mirror and broke its frame horribly.  You have heard this story many times before, and you did not expect the same thing to happen to you. Side mirrors, though small in size, are relatively costly to replace nowadays.

Side Mirror ThiefCars with broken or no side mirrors are pretty uncomfortable for drivers. So once one or both of your side mirrors are gone, you have to immediately buy a replacement. This means that you’d also have to purchase the parts that are associated with them, which includes the appropriate cover, frame, and sometimes if affected, even a new rubber gasket and wiring harness. It’s a real stab in the wallet. That is why, in this article, we’ll give you suggestions on how to prevent your side mirrors from being stolen.

1) Park your car in a safe place.

Don’t hesitate to park your car in a legitimate car parking area, even if this means paying out a more expensive fee. Think about the worst cases that might happen if you leave your car in an ominous street that can be exploited by thieves. In a mall parking lot or a private building’s lot area, security guards can help to better assure you that your car is safe.

2) Have your plate number etched on your side mirrors.

Side mirrors that are marked with the car’s plate number will be deemed “useless” by thieves. This is because wing mirrors with markings would make them less sellable, therefore losing their value.

3) Install side mirror protectors.

When you have wing protectors installed, scumbags know that they will have a harder time in cracking the protectors off before they can snatch the actual side mirrors away. These protectors will prevent them from inserting any tool between the mirror lens and the housing to remove the side mirror.

In the market, “cage” protectors are usually available in metal, plastic and fiberglass. The side mirror protector comprises of a lip attached to the shell of the mirror which surrounds the edge of the plate of the mirror and acts as a deterrent to the mirror plate. What’s also good is that it is designed to not interfere with the driver’s view. Thanks to its strong adhesives, the device is extremely hard to remove.

It is really frustrating (and expensive) to have your side mirrors stolen, but the authorities can do little to prevent such a crime, as stealing happens mostly at night, when there are not many witnesses around. Note that even if your side mirrors are safe, the rest of your car is not. If the thieves cannot pry the mirrors off, they might do other damages to your car.

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