Affordable Ways to Pimp My Ride (Part 1)

Pimp My RideYou have seen the movies and have played the video games. The flashing lights and hi-tech consoles makes you want to have one. But there are the usual questions that might hold you back. “Where do I start? Will it burn a hole in my pocket?”

As always, that is what I’m here for, my dear friend. Today you and I shall have a productive talk about sound systems. Now before we continue, I have to explain the main components of the sound system and how to choose the optimum configuration for your car.

We must be all aware that, when it comes to sound systems, we have to know that there are three main components. These are the head unit, the speakers and, in some cases, the amplifier.

The head unit is the most basic part of your audio system. This is your main interface to your car audio system, which often times provides a power output to your speakers. There are many different types of head units with various features; one of the most common features now are those with a built-in functionality that plays Mp3 files. These may be in the form of a USB interface, an Mp3 disc playability, or an auxiliary input where you can plug in your music device.

Next up would be your speakers. There are different speakers that range from high frequency to low frequency. Low frequency speakers, such as sub-woofers, provide the bass. While high frequency speakers, such as tweeter, provide the treble. There are also different combination speakers. Co-axials, three-ways, and even five-way speakers have a combination of woofers and tweeters. Separates, which is similar in composition as co-axials, are built using separate tweeters and woofers which, in the design of co-axials, are combined into one unit. Midbases are lower frequency speakers, just slightly higher than sub-woofers and lower than tweeters. Amplifiers would be needed for complicated set-ups including the use of sub-woofers.

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Traditionally, the perfect set-up would be to have a three-way arrangement. This would be to have a combination of tweeters, mid-bases and sub-woofers. The problem with this is that there would need to be a lot of setup with crossovers. Also, the purchase of an amplifier would also be necessary. This could be costly. In order to maximize your performance at a considerable budget, first consider what kind of music and effect you prefer. If you are into classical or jazz music, where vocals and clarity are important, you would want to invest in separates. This means more low frequency speakers (especially tweeters), which would give you the clarity you want. If you listen to more rock or even rap music, you would want more mid-bases and co-axials. Sub-woofers are better than co-axials, but because of the complicated setup and the additional components required, it could burn a hole in your pocket.

It is important to note that it is better to invest in chunks of higher quality speakers than a whole range of sub-standard speakers. Choosing the right sound setup for your car can be fun and the rewards would be in a crisp quality for your favorite music. Don’t forget to get a head unit with a good equalizer and power output. If you don’t have enough power or cannot easily customize the settings of treble and bass, even the best speakers won’t be enough.

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