Advantages of Being Stuck in Traffic

Stuck in TrafficIt’s a cool Friday night, and you’re driving home from a week’s worth of nerve-racking work. And as you find the peace in the thought of a warm bed waiting for you at home, you find yourself stuck in a familiar hindrance. This unexpected, frustrating halt is what’s commonly called a traffic jam. Should you allow aggravation to set in? Will you stress yourself further by complaining about a situation that’s totally out of your control? Here is an article telling that shares comfort in the truth that being stuck in traffic cannot be all that bad. And here’s why:

A Time to Clear Your Mind

What do you usually do when you’re alone in the car or inside a public transportation vehicle? If you’re like me, I usually engage in the act of… thinking. This opportunity to do some serious thinking should not be underestimated, considering a lot has happened during the week so far. It can help you look back at the problems you’ve faced, where you can reflect on them, and be at peace with them.

You can even play a little music to accompany your self-analysis. By doing this, you would be able to maximize your rest when you finally reach Home Sweet Home. Wouldn’t it be great to meet up with friends and family without any depressing tantrums about work? (You would be able to enjoy your every moment with them!) And wouldn’t it be really nice to be able to immediately rest on your warm bed as soon as you park your car? Well, maybe that one hour traffic jam might just buy you that necessary time.

A Time to Talk

So what if you’re not alone? What if you’re with a friend? Or even a special someone? Lucky you, I say, for this might be an opportunity you can put to good use! Because the car provides privacy, and because the stationary traffic provides little distraction, you and your passenger(s) can actually talk about anything deep. Don’t be surprised if enjoyed the time spent in the car more than the activity you originally had in mind. I have actually experienced this with my friends multiple times. The joys of a road trip is not limited to long, uninterrupted travels. With the right attitude, you can feel the same kind of excitement in the middle of a traffic jam.

A Time to Listen

Maybe you’re alone but not really in a thinking mood. Don’t lose hope- the traffic jam still has something to offer! Ever wanted to just listen to a Music CD? Or maybe you have an audiobook you never had time to listen to? Well this might just be the perfect time. If you don’t want to think or talk, then just listen! Though I’m not much a music person, listening to something insightful or soothing always cheers me up.

In the end, traffic jams really ain’t that bad, as long as you see the opportunities involved.

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