9 More Songs that’ll make you Put the Pedal to the Metal

Singing in Car

There are days when you want to do nothing but drive. Really. Fast. Forget the speed limits and traffic signs. There’s no stopping you pushing your vehicle to the limits. What better way to enjoy that moment than with music that makes your adrenaline rush? Well, not too much. You might have to get a radiator from the Philippines when that happens.

Going back to the topic, here are some songs that can inspire you to drive really, really fast.

• Black Betty by Spiderbait – This song is rough, tough, and buff. It’ll make you wanna drive all day.

• Any record by Jamiroquai – The acid jazz group’s dance vibe in most of their records provides a smooth, fast ride. Perfect for cruising in the high way. Everything else they made counts as well.

• Tenderoni by Kele – Ex-Bloc Party lead singer Kele did an impressive job going solo, coming out with an album of electronic, rave party-type songs. The fact that this song made it to the Gran Turismo 5 original soundtrack definitely says something.

• Any song by The Subways – Members Billy Lunn, Charlotte Cooper, and Josh Morgan play hard and rock hard. All of their songs will get your blood pumping. That’s exactly what you need when you’re driving speedily along the highway.  

• Highway to Hell by AC/DC – With lyrics like “No stop signs/speed limit/Nobody’s gonna slow me down”, how can this song not make this list?

Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers – You’ll be driving faster and faster to this song, especially as it builds up to the climax  

• Route 66 by John Mayer – You probably remember this song from Pixar’s Cars way back in 2006. Mayer’s rendition is hip and fresh; making this classic a driveable tune fit for the road.

• Cochise by Audioslave – After the intro, the rest of this song is just pure energy. It’ll make you want to burn rubber.

• Knights of Cydonia by Muse – Possibly the band’s best anthem, the rock + cowboy/Western feel is absolutely captivating. Matt Belamy’s guitar shredding makes you want to ride your mechanical steed off into the sunset.

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