9 Romantic Places to Drive to This Valentine’s Day

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My lovely significant other considers the most relevant event of the year to be Valentine’s Day. I mean, admit it, as a cultured man of this century, there’s no acceptable reason to bypass this February tradition; to do so would be tantamount to losing one’s machismo.

Yes, it may appear a tad mushy at first glance, but going out to gift the ladies their Casanova dream day cements the allure and promise of a long strong relationship of passion!

For the ladies, effort is the thing that counts the most on Valentine’s Day – effort born of love. To help you out, I’m sharing these 9 romantic place you and your wife/ girlfriend can drive to for an undeniably memorable sweet Valentine escapade:

Pro Tip: To avoid unwanted travel hindrances, visit your local automotive store and / or radiator shop for a quick check-up on your precious vehicle.

Marcia Adams

1) Marcia Adams

Consider a day’s adventure to, Tagaytay, a lover’s paradise. Think Tuscany, replete with full garden foliage under an obliging tropical sunshine. Who wouldn’t be enticed? Marcia Adams captures the aura of provincial Italy with its rustic charm and genuine home cuisine. Tucked away amidst winding turns and bends, the thrill of the drive itself heightens the excitement of the destiny.

2) Prado Farms

Another exciting drive would be Prado Farms located in Lubao, Pampanga. A true romantic getaway, your date will surely be smitten by nature’s lushness that you can both explore by foot or on bikes.  Colorful architectural structures add to the charm of the place. Coupled with an enticing spread of farm fresh food, your Valentine adventure will be one to forever remember.

3) Sulyap’ Gallery Café

An authentic throwback to a more refined era, the Filipino past is glorified in the romance of Sulyap restaurant and gallery café. This place will undoubtedly enchant your date as soon as you both step into the old garden mansion ambiance of the café.  What makes this place truly enticing is how far removed it is from city noise and traffic. Just you, your date, great food, and the languid sound of nature.

4) Arms Hotel Restaurant

Famed for their Chicken Iberico, the Arms Hotel restaurant of Malate has an ethereal feel to it. Like being transported to a 1940’s era, the dark checkered flooring matching the stained wood bar and strategically spaced ornate tables set the mood for a relaxed enchanting dinner.  Think Paris in the 20’s; your date will truly appreciate the glamour.  According to the ladies, they serve the best Margarita in town.

5) Café Adriatico

Say “Adriatico” or “Remedios Circle” and you can’t go wrong. It’s a no contest couple’s choice for a romantic dinner getaway. The cool vibes is there, the toned down lights, the quiet private table corners, and yes, the tried and tested  cuisine.  The full authentic bar at the second floor, accessed by a wooden staircase reminiscent of old homes, adds to the refined taste of the place.

Bay Leaf Intramuros Roof Deck Bar

6) Bay Leaf Intramuros Roof Deck Bar

Judged as one of the best roof deck bars in the world, this ultimate date place is one of the best Valentine spot the city has to offer.  The drama of a spectacular skyline while enjoying a glass of wine with your significant other, is a memory you wouldn’t want to miss!

7) Kasbah

If your date is into the exotic, or you simply want to be more adventurous, go to Kasbah at The Fort. It’s all about senses and seduction, from the colors, to the tapestry on the walls, to the music, to the rich spicy blend of authentic Mediterranean food. Yes, Kasbah is all sexy!

8) Titania Wine Cellar

Titania’s is a great place for that European fine dine feel with a more down to earth laid back ambiance.  The service is attentive and your date will ease into the atmosphere of a fine relaxed evening. The drama of wine presentation and pouring, plus the unobtrusive manner your dinner is served, coupled with piano music, definitely makes the evening one for remembering.

9) Straight Up Bar – Seda Hotel

Hip and elegant, there’s something glamorous about a roof deck party place even just for two. In fact, it’s the ultimate Valentine spot to woo and impress a date. The spectacular view of city lights and upbeat music from the best DJ’s in the city makes fine accompaniment to wine and other drinks.

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