8 Ways to Take Care of your Auto Car Window

Car Window MaintenanceBeing a responsible driver means being knowledgeable about the vehicle you’re driving. Before driving off your garage, it is important to check your BLOW-BAG: Battery, Light, Oil, Water, Brakes, Air, Gas.

These are all essential elements of an automobile, but what about other car parts that are just as important? What about our precious car windows?

If you are able to list down the number of times your car windows has protected you from pollution, sunshine, and rainfall, then’d you’d reward it with more credit that what most car owners usually give it. Listed below are 8 ways on how you can properly maintain your car windows.

1) Use an ammonia-free glass cleaner

This helps your window, specially tinted ones, retain their form and body. It is recommended to use this type of cleaner for they contain no intoxicating fumes whatsoever.

2) Use a microfiber glass towel

It is mandatory that you have something to channel your glass cleaner agent onto your car windows. Microfiber glass towels with tight weaves should be your first and only option for they will prevent scratches on your windows.

3) Remove water marks

Whilst engaged in the process of cleaning your car windows, you need to ready a polisher that will effectively rid any water marks that may result. To have an easier time eliminating water marks, pursue their removal the moment you notice their presence.

4) Use different Strokes

Only execute vertical/horizontal strokes as you clean the in and out of your window. This way, you can gauge which side needs more cleaning or has cracks.

5) Clean the rubber

It is important to clean the rubber that holds your window. Make sure that there are no tiny objects that can instil scratches to your window. Looking for ann official tool? No need. A toothbrush will do just fine.

6) Clean both sides

It is an undeniable fact that when people clean their car, most of them only perform thorough cleaning on the outside surface of the car. This should not be the case! Clean both sides with an equal amount of care and effort.

7) Close you door lightly

Although car parts are designed for extensive use, too much door banging can cause damage to its window. To avoid cracks and heavy damage, be gentle when closing your car’s door.

8) Fix or replace damaged windows

All damaged items either needs to be fixed or replaced. In case of window malfunction, it is wise to go to your trusted auto shop for immediate repairs to avoid any possible accidents whilst on the road.

Your car windows might not be as important as your BLOW-BAG. However, it is one of the things that keep both you and your passengers comfortable and safe inside the vehicle. Care for your car windows as much as you care for the essential car parts.

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