7 Essential Driving Principles for Beginners

Beginner Driver

So you’ve finally arrived at that awesome point in your life when you’ve finally gotten your hands on your own set of wheels. Neither your parents nor I can stop you from driving to a wreck, so I urge you to carefully read through this article and discover seven essential driving principles that you should apply every time you sit behind the wheel.

SEATBELTS – always

I cannot properly elaborate the magnitude of how important your seatbelts are. Even if you are a defensive driver, you will never know when accidents will occur. Hence, it’s so much better to be safe than sorry. Before you start the car, always remind your passengers and yourself to buckle up.

Pay attention to the road; distracted driving is unacceptable

This would mean that there will be no texting and calling, or applying make-up, or even sipping on a good cup of coffee. Distracted driving is one of the worst and, at the same time, the most avoidable causes of car accidents. The alien sense of independence coupled with overconfidence will lead you to potentially dangerous car crashes.

Take the law seriously – even if others will not

Speeding, parking at no-parking zones, and not carrying valid car papers will almost always get you a ticket. A new driver has to learn to be disciplined and not take the law casually. It can have a very far-reaching repercussion.

Be clean and maintain the car well

It will save you so much money in the long run in terms of repairs. It’s a good idea for a new driver to identify himself with what is under the hood so he/she can make minor repairs of his/her own. Keep it clean and in good shape and strive to take it to your trusty mechanic every now and then for a check-up. Your car will run smoother and will definitely last longer.

Always lock the doors

Reduce the risk of theft. Don’t even think about leaving the keys in the car while running. Leaving valuables like laptops, cameras or handbags in open sight can draw so much attention. Install ant-theft alarms. The price is worth the security, both for your vehicle’s safety and your own.

Mind your temper

Every driver is prone to road rage. Driving with a very hot temper is very dangerous and can lead to fatal accidents. Always keep your calm whenever driving and be forgiving of fellow drivers who do you wrong.

Avoid doing anything that is quick or sudden

Keep calm and assess each situation as it presents itself. Do not run yellow lights or merge into traffic unless the coast is clear. Take your time and always do the right thing at the right time.

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