7 of the Most Annoying Driving Habits: How Guilty Are You?

Drive Angry

Admit it: No matter how good a driver you are, you have bad habits when you’re behind the wheel of a car. Whether it’s running a red light, cutting pedestrians, or honking your horn too loud, we’re guilty of a few, or a LOT of them. Having these bad habits could even put you in an accident, ruining that sweet metal stamping job. We’ll look at the seven most annoying, and rate how guilty you are of desecrating these afterwards.

Red Light

#1: Running a red light

‘Red’ means ‘stop’ in terms of traffic signals. Sadly, some of us don’t see it that way. When we’re rushing or we’re late, a red light means, ‘HURRY UP, YOU CAN MAKE IT! JUST STEP ON THE GAS PEDAL!’ Don’t run it because you’ll either get into an accident, get caught by the police, or both. The next time you see that color on a traffic light, hit the brakes and set your car to neutral. If you don’t like rushing, here’s a tip: Wake up early!

Turn Signal

#2: Not using signals

Driving without your signals is spelled ‘D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S’. They communicate to other cars whether you’re turning left or right, allowing them to give you space to do so. Signals are really helpful when you’re changing lanes or overtaking. Driving without signals is a sign that a driver lacks road courtesy.

Cutting Someone Off

#3: Cutting

A lot of drivers are guilty of this (sometimes I am too). Learn to give way to other drivers, and learn about the right of way (trust me, it’ll help). There’s plenty of space on the road for everybody. Don’t be a roadhog.


#4: Not using headlights

Unless you want to be blind to other drivers on the road, use your headlights so that you’re more visible. Like signals, these also inform oncoming drivers of your intentions on the road.

Don't Text and Drive

#5: Using your phone while driving

It doesn’t matter whether you’re calling or texting during heavy or no traffic situations. Using your phone while driving leads to accidents. If you value your life, put your phone on silent or turn it off. Seriously, can’t that message or call wait until you get home?

Wear your Seatbelt

#6: Driving with no seatbelts

This cardinal rule is often overlooked. I mean, isn’t this the first, if not, one of the first lessons you learn when you get into a car? According to a study done by the WHO this year, wearing your seatbelt lessens front seat accidents by 40-50%.

Ryan Gosling in Drive

Even the coolest of drivers doesn’t drive with shades at night. So why should you?

#7: Driving with shades…at night

I can understand driving with shades during the day or sunny afternoon, but at night? Really? Unless you suffer from photophobia, don’t. It’s not cool. You’ll only be a hazard to yourself and other drivers. As an alternative, get your windshields heavily tinted instead.

Okay. Now that you’ve seen what the most annoying habits are, you can rate yourself according to our very own Bad Habit Criteria!

  • Habits 1-2: You’re okay. Just be careful not to do those again. Work on those habits so that you become a better (and less annoying) driver.
  • Habits 3-4: Take extra caution when you’re driving on the road. It might be best for you to take a refresher course while you’re at it. It’ll be for your own good.
  • Habits 5-7: What are you doing? You’re not fit to drive a car! You are a hazard to both drivers and pedestrians on the road! You need to take a break and take some driving lessons before you get back out there again with your automobile.

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