5 Tips in Maximizing Garage Space

Car Garage

One of the most creative and functional space in a home is the garage, which is that one big spacious area you’ve got that can be transformed into an instant extra room for projects that require carpentry and paint.

Depending on your hobby and lifestyle, your garage can be converted as a band rehearsal place, a gym, what have you. Heck, if you have the funds and skills to back you up, you can even set up a shop than can rival your local supplier of batteries, radiators, and so on.

Yes, there is more to your garage than simply housing your beloved vehicle. So how can one strategically maximize the space of your versatile garage? Here are 5 great tips to draw inspiration from.

Garage Space


Shelving has got to be the most creative solution. It can be wall shelving attached to the garage walls, or detached shelving that can be moved from one corner to the other. One awesome shelving idea is to build open stair steps of about 3 to 5 layers that can reach up another shelf. The open steps can store plastic bins that hold tools or garden knick knacks for compact organization.


They can be attached to walls where they’ll serve as hanging rack for hammers, cords, hooks, paint brushes and small bins that can store smaller bits of just about anything. Bigger pegboards can actually be assembled to hold larger tools like a saw or a spade, thick garden hoses, rakes, etc.

Handy Caddy

Never be without it. A big sized handy caddy can conveniently hold every practical tool that is frequently used. Not only does it help maximize space, but it also enhances proficiency by allowing you to arrange and transfer tools faster and in a more organized manner.

Wall Organizer

Wall organizers are handy features that can be conveniently attached to walls. Rakes, spades and other heavier garage tools can easily slide in leaving the floor free to hold bins that can be stacked up. Magnetic strips can also be attached to the wall organizer itself making it a safe place to stick nails, and small screws.

Hanging System

A hanging system on the ceiling itself is one cool way to store ladders and other larger tools that do not often get used. In fact, even larger plastic bins, skateboards, ski boards, light bikes can all go hanging aloft for protection. Of course, employ a qualified handyman who knows all about attachments and the rights specs to build your hanging system.

And there you have it! Surely while you were reading this, your mind has already switched on the part in the brain in charge of creativity and orderliness. The five tips above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating ways to make sure that your garage space is maximized.

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