5 Steps to Becoming a Green Driver

Environmentally Friendly CarGlobal warming is a phenomenon that can’t simply be ignored. Former United States Vice-President Al Gore has released a documentary called The Inconvenient Truth to raise awareness over the topic. The film received worldwide popularity, and yet, nothing much has changed over the years. The polar ice caps in the Arctic Region continue to melt, the hole in the Ozone layer continues to grow and the Earth’s temperature continues to rise. It’s been regarded that the major cause of all this is excessive carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. This is a sad statistic knowing that millions and millions of vehicles plying the streets all over the world!

But the situation is not at all hopeless. We can do something about it by training ourselves to become a “Green Driver.”  Being a Green Driver entails reducing your carbon dioxide emissions, reducing your fuel costs and, at the same time, increasing your gas mileage. This article has list down the five steps that will help you become a Green Driver.

1.     Plan your Route

Planning one’s route allows an individual to accomplish a lot of tasks in the shortest amount of time. With this process, one can simply avoid traffic, save fuel costs and have more available time to accomplish other pressing concerns.

2.     Go for Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Automobile manufacturers have come up with a lot of hybrid vehicles lately. But with the high cost of living, a lot of you may not be able to afford it. Fear not, these same manufacturers have come up with a lot of alternative compact cars (both hatchback and sedans) that has double-digit fuel mileage. What’s even more awesome is that they’re cheaper than SUVs and that they consume less fuel. In addition, carbon emissions have been reduced to that equivalent of the Euro-approved levels.

Become a Green Driver3.     Avoid Rapid Acceleration and Hard Breaking

Rapid acceleration and hard breaking does not only consume more fuel than the ordinary driving condition. It also tends to wear out vehicles at a faster rate. Moreover, driving like a snake won’t get you to your destination faster, so just drive carefully and avoid accidents.

4.     Avoid going Beyond the Optimum Speed

Any vehicle has Optimum Speed. (If you have no idea what Optimum Speed is, go get your essential car manual and read about it!) Anything beyond your automobile’s Optimum Speed will automatically result in a lower fuel mileage. As an additional tip, never drive beyond the 2,000 rpm limit. Remember that you are not just saving up fuel; you’re helping the environment as well!

5.     Check up One’s Vehicles

Checking up your vehicle involves maintaining the appropriate tire pressure, checking fuel filters and reducing the weight of your vehicles by removing all unnecessary cargoes. If your car’s required check-ups are done efficiently and regularly, you can save fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

So that’s it – the five steps towards becoming a green driver! What’s important is that this lesson should not stop with you. You should go out there and educate other drivers as well! One step on your part could go a long way.

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