5 Things on the Road that Annoy Drivers

Driving Meme

The number one enemy of drivers is, undeniably, distractions that take away their focus away from being safe on the road. In this entry, let us take a look at five of the most common driving disturbances.

  •  Pedestrians

Correction, make that ignorant pedestrians. There are two kinds. First are the impolite ones. You know, the ones who cross the street/road without any regard for oncoming vehicles that have the right of way. Then, when they get hit, it’s your fault. What kind of sense is that? It’s like they have a death wish when they walk on the road.

The second type are the walkers who take their sweet time, like they’re taking a stroll in Luneta Park or the beach. Come on, you’re not the only people on the street.

The remedy for these distractions is usually a bop of your horn. Only then do they get out of the way, resist crossing, or move faster.

Road courtesy is a two-way street. If drivers and pedestrians learn to respect one another, they’ll get along on the road just fine.

  • Stray animals

Wandering dogs and cats are more annoying and frustrating than pedestrians. Their small size makes them harder to spot and dodge, and their light weight also makes their movement faster, making drivers more prone to hit them without even recognizing it.

Dealing with stray animals takes extra concentration and sensitivity, but like with pedestrians, you can avoid these accident hazards with a gentle bop of your car horn. That should do the trick.

Toby Maguire

Angry Tobey Maguire

  • Other drivers

Some drivers don’t know what they’re doing. It’s like they woke up in their car in the middle of the road. They usually drive slow and don’t know where to go. Is it left? Right? Forward? Reverse? These kind of drivers are like moving roadblocks; a hassle to yours and everyone’s time.

It’s a wonder why they ever got behind the wheel in the first place. Best advice when dealing with them is to honk your horn and signal to overtake them. They’ll get the message.

  • PUVs/Js

Public utility vehicles (PUVs) and jeeps (PUJs) are notorious for stopping in the middle of the road to unload and load passengers. That’s understandable, as they need to earn a living. But still, it’s not an excuse, and we it is everyone’s wish that they only step on the breaks at the proper stops. If not, they cause all kinds of damage to a car’s metal stamping, paint job, you name it.

  • Racy billboards

We get that companies need to advertise their products for their business to thrive. But really, do you have to use images of scantily clad models? It’s very distracting to see popping body parts. Clothing companies are to blame for this, featuring their endorsers only in skintight underwear.

Despite these 5 distractions, we hope you’ll keep your eyes focused on the road for a safe journey every time you drive.

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