5 Apps Every Driver should have

It’s every driver’s nightmare to face a sudden disturbance en route to their destination. Traffic, floods, incoming calls, and plain ignorance are hassles that can impede a driver’s concentration. Luckily, technology can help drivers prepare for these instances with these amazing downloadable apps (available for both Apple and Android users):


  • FlightTrack

This nifty app allows you to track several aspects of an airline’s flight in real-time: arrival and departure time (down to the gate and time), delays, and advances. FlightTrack also covers over 1,400 international airports. How does this help drivers? If, for instance, you’re going to pick up relatives, you can be more efficient about it. It saves you the time and money from waiting the standard 4-5 hours ahead. You can get to the airport just in time, or adjust accordingly to the immediate flight schedule adjustment.

Drivesafe.ly Pro

  • Drivesafe.ly Pro

Experience hands-off text and e-mail reading with this application. No need to check your phone while your car is mobile. There are two editions of Drivesafe.ly: the free and pro. The free version is not as useful, because while free, it only reads a limit of 25 words. We’d recommend getting the pro version, because it reads all the words in a document. You may opt to pay a one-time fee of $13.95 (roughly P612.50) or subscribe monthly for $3.95 (about P173.43).

MMDA Traffic Navigator

  • MMDA Traffic Navigator

The Metro Manila Development Authority (or MMDA for short) developed an app around a year ago that documented and made available traffic conditions in major Metro Manila highways accessible to users’ fingertips. The criteria per road is described either as Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Heavy, and Heavy. It also updates roadwork and other traffic causes per region on each mini-bar. Depending on your preference, you may choose to view them in “Map” (like a GPS) or “Line” view for a more structured approach. Best of all, the MMDA app is free.

Google Earth

  • Google Earth

Having Google Earth on your phone is like having a GPS on the go. You have access to virtually any road or access path on the world at the touch of a button. Google Earth allows you to also mark locations important to you like your personal home, office, or church. This feature also makes it easier to map directions to and from your destination. Just make sure you’re on a highway. And know your exact coordinates. That last one is very important.


  • Waze

Waze is a combo of Google Earth and the MMDA app in a way that it brings the best of both worlds to users. Its interface is primarily like a GPS, but instead of just a plain map with legends and markers, you get updates of several traffic obstructions at specific points like, let’s say, a highway, a road or a point of travel. The info is sent real-time by a community of fellow Waze users working together to make traveling easier and safer for everyone. As a bonus, this app even calculates the nearest gas station so you can save time and money when drivers decide their tank needs re-filling.

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